by Andrea Albright

Are you confused about what it really takes to speed up your metabolism? Sure, maybe you’ve heard that eating more often throughout the day and exercising consistently will do it… But what if you’re looking for more SPECIFIC tips?… And what if your schedule is so jam-packed that you don’t have any time to spare? Let me share a secret with you.

The key is to find quick and EASY things that you can do anywhere and make it a HABIT to do them regularly. When you have a few “tricks” in your toolbox, then you can whip them out whenever you need them. And really, it’s more important to find things that you LOVE doing so that you will WANT to make them a part of your life.

So why am I telling you about this? I was in a really intensive 5 day seminar this week and I was so exhausted at the end of every day that my “regular” routine got pushed out. And that got me thinking… How is a woman supposed to lose weight in today’s busy world?

We need quick and EASY things that we can do anywhere and anytime we have a spare moment. And I want to share with you some of the things I do when I’m short on time to stay healthy and KEEP my metabolism fast so that it doesn’t slow down and make me gain weight.

But first, let me ask you… Why is speeding up your metabolism so important?

Because that’s the rate that your body burns through energy. It’s just like a locomotive train burning through the coals. And the more energy you burn, the more output you can have, the more heat you will generate, the better you will feel… and the thinner you will be. So we have to keep your metabolism FAST so that you will have LOTS of energy to burn. The faster you burn through energy, the less of it you store.

And you know what the storage cells are on your body? … your FAT cells. So if you are training your body to BURN your energy instead of storing it, then you will be free of fat.

Here’s the equation: A Faster Metabolism = Weight Loss Sounds simple right? Good. I like to try to make things as simple as possible. And that’s why I’m going to really break this down for you into details and give you SPECIFIC things you can do today… for free.

3 Easy, SPECIFIC Tips To Speed Up Your Metabolism:

Despite what you may have heard, speeding up your metabolism does NOT have to be painful… in fact, it can actually be ENJOYABLE. And you do NOT have to spend hours at the gym sweating away or starving yourself to get skinny (in fact, that’s the”old-fashioned” way of weight loss that has been proven NOT to work). But don’t take my word for it. Try these 3 tips today and start seeing the results for yourself. You’ll notice that each of these tips are very specific and very different… but each one is EQUALLY important.

If I were to have to break “healthy weight loss” into three categories, it would be: 1. Nutrition 2. Body Movement 3. Spiritual Nourishment And they all feed into each other and support each other like a constant feedback loop.

For example… When you eat the right foods, you get the nutrition your body and mind needs… but you also have the ENERGY for body movement, and choosing nutritious foods feeds your SPIRIT because the choice comes from your “higher” SELF. … And the more you move your body, the more your body will CRAVE healthy nutrition and the more “open” your body will be, allowing you to be STILL and QUIET without body pains. … And every time you connect to your spirit in that still and quiet place, you are reinforcing the mantra “I choose health”… which makes it A LOT easier to continue to eat nutritious foods and move your body.

See how that all works? It is all a big, beautiful cycle. The cycle of health. The cycle of YOUR healthy life. Follow these examples and you’ll start to feel the circle flowing inside of you as your metabolism starts to speed up even faster…

1. Nutrition Tip: Eat Nuts
Everyday Nuts are a perfect, healthy food. And no wonder… they are literally the “seeds” of new life. The definition of a nut is a seed with a hard shell. Nuts are made up of everything it takes to START new life… to grow up to be big, beautiful plants and trees. So it’s no wonder that they are PACKED with nutrients. Nuts have a lot of protein and it’s the best kind of protein for you – plant protein. Protein is important for every cell in your body and it’s VERY important for losing weight.

Eating protein with every meal is a key to speeding up your metabolism because it takes the body a long time to break it down. Nuts are also full of healthy fat which keeps you from craving the UN-healthy fats (like the saturated fat in animal meat and greasy foods) that make you… well, fat. Nuts are also full of fiber which is good for healthy digestion and elimination (another VERY important part of stopping the fat-production cycle).

Now it’s true that there are LOTS of healthy foods that do all of these things, but I eat nuts every day for one very important reason… They are SUPER convenient. Nuts are great to eat when you’re on-the-go but they are also great to eat when you’re at your house, your office or even in the car. All nuts are healthy, but here are the BEST ones: – Almonds – Walnuts – Brazil Nuts (which are also good for the Environment because they protect the endangered rain forest where they come from) Eating a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit for a mid-afternoon meal is a perfectly balanced way to get your 5 or 6 meals in daily. And they are convenient, cheap and delicious. So start eating them… and go NUTS for your new-found ENERGY and health.

2. Body Movement Tip: Learn 3 Standing Yoga Postures
Now here’s the thing about body movement… You have to find something that you LOVE so that you will do it consistently. And that means DAILY or at least every two days. I know, I know. Who has the time to move every day? Here’s the key: Learn how to bring movement INTO your life instead of having to make time to go outside of your life to do it. Do you follow me?

By learning some exercises, stretches and body movements that you can do anytime and anywhere (even in your living room!), then you will be making body movement a part of your environment and your lifestyle.

Here’s a yoga sequence (a series of yoga postures that you do one after the other) to open your body, clear your mind, detox your internal organs and speed up your metabolism for healthy weight loss: –

Warrior 1 –
* Stand with your feet far apart with your front heel in line with your back heel
* Front leg bends toward 90 degrees keeping your knee over your ankle
* Arms straight overhead with your shoulders and hips in line facing that front leg
* Focal point is on a distant, non-moving object at eyesight level
* Engage your “core awareness” by drawing in the abdominal wall
* Deep, Slow Breaths –

Warrior 2 –* Feet open up a little wider with your front heel in line with your back arch
* Front leg bends toward 90 degrees
* Arms open out wide, shoulders and hips are open and lined up with each other
* Focal point is on your middle finger of the front hand
* Engage your “core awareness” by drawing in the belly button toward the spine
* Shoulders drop away from the ears
* Deep, Slow Breaths –

Warrior 3 –
* Find the alignment from Warrior 1
* Push onto the front leg, lifting the back leg parallel to the ground behind you
* Drop the hip of the floating leg so that your hips are parallel to the ground
* Arms reach out in front of you
* Engage your “core awareness”
* Keep your bottom, standing leg engaged and straighten as much as possible
* Deep, Slow Breaths

Now that last posture can be difficult if you haven’t been practicing balance and standing postures for very long. So

*Use a wall or a chair to support you and make you feel stable.
*Hold each posture for 3-5 breaths –
*Do each posture 3 times on both sides (right and left side alternating)

Once you get this sequence down and you feel comfortable in the postures, you can flow from one posture to the next staying linked-in with your breath. When you are in this “flow-state”, your body will start to open even more as your heart rate speeds up and your breathing goes deeper.

This will give you an amazing burst of ENERGY. And every time you do this, you will feel more and more in LOVE with your body.

The Warrior postures are very empowering. They make you feel strong and grounded. It makes you feel like a warrior. And being a warrior isn’t about battling others or causing war… It is “the courage to face the battle that is WITHIN you as you travel along your journey to your deepest, truest SELF.”

Try these warrior postures often, and witness the courage and strength growing inside of you… As you speed up your metabolism and lose the weight.

3. Spiritual Nourishment Tip: Stare At A Flower And
Breathe 10 Slow, Deep Breaths I told you these were going to be specific, right? Well this exercise is a very powerful and centering visual exercise that will quiet your mind and bring you into the present moment. And best of all, it uses a tool that is very easy to find anywhere out in nature and even in most homes and offices – a flower.

Here’s what you do… Find a flower and really focus in on it. First look at the flower as a whole – the color, the shape, the size. Then really “tune-in” and look at each of the different parts of the flower – the petals, the leaves, the stem. The more you can zoom in on the details, the more effective this exercise will be. Focus in on the flower, noticing all it’s beautiful details for at least 10 breaths (you can go for longer as you get more comfortable with this exercise). And what is this doing? You may notice that while you are focused in on the flower, you are NOT thinking about anything else. You are truly in the present moment.

So why is coming into the present moment so important for speeding up your metabolism? Because just like we need time each day to sleep and “shut down”, so do our mind and senses. By coming into the present moment, resting your eyes on one-point of focus and connecting to your breath, you are doing a CONSCIOUS relaxation meditation. This is VERY powerful because it clears the stress and agitation that causes worry and negative thoughts. And if you are always stressed out, you are causing all kinds of chaos inside of yourself – which has been PROVEN to cause fat-storage and slow down your metabolism.

When you take a moment to calm your thoughts, focus your intention and deepen your breath, you are renewing yourself with LIFE ENERGY… And not only will your body, your immune system and your metabolism function better, you will also touch that deeper part of your SELF… That part of your SELF that is always loving, always forgiving, and always peaceful. And for me, that’s the part that makes the journey of weight loss ENJOYABLE and pleasurable… just knowing that this body, this life, this awareness has a greater purpose than just “looking hot in a bikini”. It’s a time and an opportunity to remind your SELF why you’re on this journey… because you are growing into the healthiest, happiest and most RADIANT being that you can be. You deserve all the infinite love of the universe. And it’s here for you, when you get STILL and QUIET long enough to let it in.

By connecting to a beautiful flower, it can also remind you of the path you are traveling… opening to the light and love of the universe, just like a flower opens up to receive the light of the sun. See, you and that flower have a lot more in common than most people think… you are both on the same path. And by taking time out of your day to tune-in and spend a moment in quiet, visualized meditation, you are touching that beautiful and JOYFUL place INSIDE of yourself.

So go and try these 3 tips to start speeding up your metabolism and start to notice how much more ENERGY and JOY you have in your daily life. And I’ll be connecting with you again very soon.

Your Friend, Love and Light, Andr a

From Sarah – This article by Andrea is so jam-packed I wanted to divide it up – thought it might be too much for one read – but I rethought that – just bookmark this page and keep coming back to it, or print it out if you like and refer to it. To me, this is like a hundred’s of dollars private session. I know Andrea personally (yes, everyone featured on this site is someone we know or we wouldn’t be able to recommend them to you the way we do) – and not only does she walk her talk – her personal story is so compelling you’ll want to read about it on her site. Just go here to get your own free newsletters (oh – she does great VIDEOS, too!) – to Andrea’s free newsletters->


  1. SuzyQ on February 2, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    What a totally different slant on the age-old question about how to speed up your metabolism. I was really glad to read some new techniques that make total sense. I’m going to try and incorporate some of your suggestions into my daily routine starting tomorrow. Why procrastinate! Thanks for the eye-opening article.

  2. Chitra on February 2, 2009 at 10:34 pm


    Nice article! I have a 16 month old baby and have been trying to lose weight for sometime now but have been unsuccessful at it. I used to workout but then lost sight of it after a month or so. This article is extremely inspiring, giving out easy new ideas to follow so as to create a healthy and energy-rich lifestyle. I am hoping to kick start this program from tomorrow.


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