“If You’re A Single Mom – Here’s How You Can Date, Find True Love and Still Be a Great Mother…”

What if you could blend motherhood with dating, love and romance – so that your life and your child’s life is better for it?

What if you could find the time and energy to take great care of yourself and feel sexy and desirable when you’re with a man?

What if you could meet only men who LOVED you for your motherhood…and ADDED to your life – instead of draining you with their needs?

You can do it!

We at LoveRomanceRelationship have received so many letters from women who are single mothers and struggling with their ex’es, trying to date and feeling worn out.

We know the great Allana Pratt, the Sexy Mom Expert, and asked her to give you the key to dating and getting the love you want.

Being a single mom is a TOTALLY different situation than simply being single.

Your time isn’t your own. You have responsibility for someone other than yourself. You are already giving so much of yourself, attending to your child’s needs, supporting your family financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically – even when you’re running on empty yourself.

The last thing in the world you need is a man who drains your energy.

What You Need And Deserve Is A Man Who Appreciates You And Wants To Give To YOU

A man who can replenish your energy, and feed and nurture your soul. Who can be there for you. A man who, instead of making demands and being unreliable, is a steady source of love, affection, sex, warmth and fun for you.

Yes – you deserve some fun! You deserve the chance to be silly and womanly. You deserve to be able to let yourself just BE for a bit…and to let someone else, a good man, take care of YOU.

Allana is more than an expert on the logistics of dating.

The Single Mom Manifesto goes so deep…it’s like poetry for your soul, encouragement, hope-giving, practical, and will teach you, step-by-step how to tap into your feminine energy so you can balance and blend your inner and outer life as a mother with your inner and outer life as a juicy, sensuous, open-hearted, wonderfully emotion-filled woman.

Allana will convince you that your motherhood makes you even MORE attractive to a man. She lays out “Rules” to follow that will shock you with their truth, simplicity and conviction – and make you feel, finally, so self-assured.

Being a mother takes so much out of you, we wanted to help you be able to “switch” that off when you have even a few moments to yourself – so that you can have so much MORE in your life.

You Can Have ROMANTIC LOVE, Too!

Allana teaches you how to “drop-in” to your womanly, sensuous self QUICKLY …so that even while you’re waiting for the sitter so you can go out on a date, you can easily slip out of “mommy mode” and into “feminine woman mode.”  This can make the hugest difference in how a date goes.

And if you’re dreading dating at all, because it takes time and energy – Allana will change that for you.

You’ll feel, reading her words and listening to her voice, that she “gets” you – that she’s right beside you (and we know she is – she’s a real, genuine, active coach, and she’ll respond to your emails and calls personally), and that every date you go on is a concrete, actual step towards having the love and romance and relationship you want.

Single Mom Manifesto will help you let go of and rearrange as many small “have-to’s” as you can –  so you can spend more of your precious time and energy on you to give yourself what you need.

So that you can take the time to stay connected to yourself and so attract the kind of man you want into your life. So you can stop wasting time with men who aren’t giving you and your family what you need – and learn to recognize and attract a man who’ll naturally, instinctively feel COMPELLED to give you what you need.

Men Are Out There Dying To Get Close To You. Good Men.

Men who’ll do anything for you – who want to help you with your emotional, financial, physical and spiritual load. Who want to create a partnership with you and make your dreams of love come true.

We know how hard it is to begin to trust in love again after you’ve been let down by a man. And as a single mom – we know you’ve been let down. We know you’ve been disappointed.

And when you hear Allana’s personal story (and the success stories of her clients) you’ll know that out of her own disappointment – the joy and fantastic-ness she’s created for herself and her clients can be yours, too.

She’s there to help, and Single Mom Manifesto is a one-of-a kind program.

You get to hear Allana for a full hour on the Single Mom Manifesto audio MP3, as she’s being interviewed and asked specific questions that our readers have asked – and the answers will help you on such a deep, personal level. And you also get the Single Mom Manifesto ebook, too – with the full interview in book form, PLUS so much extra, expanded material she wrote specifically to help you move forward with your dating and love life.

Digital Download. Available immediately

And like all our books and programs, Single Mom Manifesto is 100% guaranteed to work for you.

In fact, we know it’s life-changing.

We’re very, very excited about Single Mom Manifesto, and we look forward to your letter letting us know exactly how it’s helping you.

Allana is famous (she personally coaches many celebrities like Leeza Gibbons, and has interviewed celebrities for her many TV appearances and radio shows, like Whoopi Goldberg and Christiane Northrup) because she gets such amazing results for everyone she talks to, and because she’s so genuine – she SO walks her talk – and so obviously cares about women everywhere.

We feel very thrilled that she created this totally special program for you for just $19.97 (you can’t get it ANYWHERE else but at LoveRomanceRelationship) – and want you to try it out, completely risk-free:

We feel so confident you'll get immediate and great results, we want to offer you a 365 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked and no hassles! So if, for any reason, you're not happy with how the program is working for you (we know you'll be amazed) - just let us know and we'll refund your purchase price right away.

- Instant Download, Digital Delivery -

There’s even the nuts-and-bolts of online dating for you…with Allana’s expertise guiding you through simplifying the process so you’ll get so much better results. You’ll also learn:

  • How to bring a man to meet your child.
  • What if your child doesn’t want you to date.
  • How to make time for yourself and what to do with it.
  • How to fill yourself up so that you can not only give of yourself as a mother, but so you have enough left over to offer a love relationship with a man.
  • How to switch gears – from frazzled, rushing mom to sultry, soft, feminine, relaxed woman – in only a moment!

Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to date…you’ll feel soothed and supported by the help you’ll get in Single Mom Manifesto, and from Allana personally.

Allana really and truly cares...you can tell because pictures of her and her son Gabe are in Single Mom Manifesto, and she even shares her online dating profile for you to refer to to help yourself!

We know Single Mom Manifesto is a powerful program that will help you tremendously and quickly, and so look forward to hearing from you about how well it worked for you.

Sincerely, The Editors at