Here’s How You’ll Get The Attention, Affection, Great Sex and True Love You Deserve From Your Man…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel you’re “enough” for ANY man?

Can you imagine what it would it feel like having your old insecurities just fade away? Where you’d just FEEL the glow of true love from your man ALL the time – and your old fears seem like a distant memory? Where he actually SHOWS you his love by giving you incredible attention, affection, and tender, emotional sex?

This CAN happen for you!

Hi, my name  is Dominique and I know it can happen for you – because I did it for myself.

How I Turned My “Relationship Nightmare” Around

My personal story was so painful for me – it felt for years like a deep pit of struggle, betrayal and abandonment. I felt hopeless to feel any better – and despairing of ever re-connecting with my man and saving my relationship. It felt impossible. I felt completely lost.

So, I know if I was able to get myself to a place where I feel SO GOOD – and I DO now – that I can help you feel so much better and get your love life where you WANT it to be. If I could create the amazing, emotionally deep, physically off-the-charts relationship I have now with my man – starting from the horrible place I was in – I KNOW you can, too.

And with my help, you won’t have to struggle through the trial-and-error I suffered through. You can fix your life FAST.

My story begins like yours may have  – for me, it was my man looking at porn that threw me into my nightmare, for you it might be some other thing that happened, or him withdrawing just when you thought you were getting closer and closer to commitment (please let me know your story, I would love to know how I can best help you).

I was in a happy relationship. My man and I were in love; we got along so well, and then all of a sudden I felt as though I had been thrown off a cliff to shatter into a million pieces below. I discovered he was looking at porn on his computer.  I was utterly DEVASTATED. The bottom of my heart fell out.

Worrying about other – maybe prettier or sexier women – as well as thoughts of being rejected, abandoned, or cheated on have always been HUGE issues for me. I could easily fall into obsession around this. And now here were hundreds, THOUSANDS of other women he was looking at. Maybe lusting for?

He was regularly looking at pictures of naked women right there in my house on the computer I use too!!! And he wasn’t just looking every now and then.

This wasn’t just “guy” stuff I could ignore. It felt like cheating. It felt like I had been punched so hard in the gut I had no breath left in me.

All my fears of abandonment, all of my insecurities, some of which I was unaware, just OVERWHELMED me. My brain scrambled for anything, any kind of answer, trying to put any semblance of sense to this. I couldn’t nor did I want to deal with it.

I started questioning everything I knew about my man and my relationship. Any good feelings I might have had about myself withered away, and I was plunged into a pit of self-loathing and self-recrimination. Because I had always been raised to be so nice and sweet, never rocking the boat, I couldn’t access ANY anger let alone acknowledge it. And at first it was all directed at ME.

I had NO idea what to do or where to turn. I wanted to just disappear. All I could feel was the one question burning in my heart: “Why am I not ENOUGH for him?

Over the next couple of years, I found my answers, and it wasn’t AT ALL what I thought they might be. Indeed I needed to work through a great deal before I could feel good, and learn how to FEEL like I was not only ENOUGH, I was MORE than PLENTY, and I, ME, was FABULOUS. And now I DO feel INCREDIBLY fabulous. But a huge part of my process and what became an inroad into myself was discovering what sex  is REALLY all about and not just how it relates to my man’s porn, but what role it plays within ME.

You Can Create a Whole New Relationship With Your Man

I had to find out not only what I could and couldn’t live with, I also had to dig down deeply into very dark places and confront my most primal fears, AND I also had to somehow create a whole new relationship with my man, part of which involved not only learning how to express my feelings to him in a way he could hear but one which also deepened our connection.

Discovering a more profound sense of my sensuality and my sexuality became my vehicle for working through my fears which led to an unveiling of a love for myself as well as a love for my man. I OPENED myself up in a way I’d never even imagined was possible. And in this I HEALED. And as I was doing this for myself, my relationship with my man turned into something SPECTACULAR.

What I was able to do for myself is something I’ve never heard ANY therapist, coach, writer, or woman talk about. And I want to do this for YOU.

Whether your issues are with your man’s porn viewing habits or your feelings of being neglected by him for whatever reasons, I want you to know that your feelings rarely have anything to do with your man at all. It’s about what his behavior is triggering in you.

It’s about the deep issues lurking within, usually the not feeling good enough stuff. And your man has come into your life to help you see this which now gives you an amazing opportunity to heal.

I will show how to raise your level of love for YOU as well as teach you how to let go of habits that no longer serve and this includes expectations or having an agenda around and about your man and your relationship with him.

It’s about getting back to a state of curiosity and awe and even further back to a state of pure love as we were born.

So here are 3 powerful TIPS that will help you save your relationship right now:

Tip #1: First and foremost you MUST get yourself out of your head and into your body, FEELING whatever it is you are feeling.

Start by quieting your gremlins by whatever means works best for you whether it be screaming back at them shushing them, ignoring them, or sticking them in a corner with a yummy cookie or a favorite playtoy.

Then sink deeply into whatever feelings come up as they do, be it sadness, anxiety, fear, or something else. This is the only way you will be able to genuinely release them so they can then transform into another feeling, eventually better feeling feelings.

Tip #2: You MUST start believing that you are enough for him.

In fact – that you’re more than plenty for him.

You do this by taking your mind and focus OFF of him.

Get involved in anything that feels good to you. Fill your life with all the feel good activities you can imagine, your work, your hobbies, or start new ones. Treat yourself really, really well be it a spa day or a luxurious bubble bath or a fancy bauble or a cheap trinket or whatever it is that makes you feel SENSUOUS and gorgeous, goddesslike.

And then you MUST keep telling yourself over and over again how fabulous you are.

It’s true anyway. You ARE fabulous!

Every time you pass a mirror, smile at yourself. Blow yourself a big kiss. Caress yourself.

It may feel strange at first. You may not believe yourself, but the more you do this, the more you will come to own this. You WILL believe how lucky your man is to have such an incredible woman in his life.

Tip #3: If his habit still bothers you even after you’ve raised yourself up this high and/or you are being neglected in anyway, sexually or otherwise or if your man’s life is suffering in any way because of his habit, then you must learn to speak your truth to him in ways he can hear.

You speak to him with “Feeling Messages,” such as, “Honey, this feels really uncomfortable even bringing this up, but every time I think of you looking at images of other naked women, it makes me feel so awful. Can you help me with this?”

When you are able to express all of these aspects of you, and get more comfortable with your own feelings and expressing them to him – your energy will majorly shift, and he WILL feel this.

You will become even more attractive to him. He will love you all the more. The more you love on you, the more room there is for him to love on you.

This is why I wrote my book Sex and Heartso I could share my success in love with you, and help YOU quickly – in a step-by-step way – to get so close to your man, every other relationship you hear about will pale in comparison.

It doesn’t matter whether your man looks at porn, like mine did (and still does by the way – though far less) or if you just KNOW you can be closer to him but don’t know how to get there.

I will reveal the ways I discovered to be very effective in effecting the changes I sought within ME, and because I was changing, as is inevitable, changes happened within HIM as well, good changes, and happily things changed WITHIN US too, yummy changes.

I will teach you how to not only face the pain but also how to have it work for you. I will show you how to uncover and face your fears and open them into your heart that you may trust. I will give you detailed instructions on how to become far more intimate with your body and thus yourself.

We will take an erotic walk together to explore your sexuality and unleash maybe the most powerful orgasms you have ever had and in so doing, your partner will be brought more deeply into you and you him to enjoy not only the most pleasure you’ve ever had, but also the most profound connection to each other.

And you will have SO much FUN doing so. And in this you can heal your mind, heart, and spirit.


  • Tools and tips to help you heal
  • How to recognize and root out fear
  • Ways to open your heart and keep it open no matter what is happening
  • How to trust – yourself and him
  • Communication skills to bring you closer right away
  • How to heal yourself sexually and have the best time doing so
  • More about orgasms than you could have imagined –
  • How to have the most mind blowing orgasms ever
  • And so much more…

Please join me for an AMAZING JOURNEY…
I care personally about you and your relationship success, and I want you to know that I admire you for caring enough about yourself to start living the love life you deserve, and YES! You can!

I’m 100% confident I can help you get there… and now the choice is yours…

Here’s How To Get The Help You Need
To Save Your Relationship

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The fastest way to get instant results is to scan the ebook and read the parts that jump out at you right away…

I recommend starting with Chapter 6Four Changes To Relationship Bliss, then Stop What Isn’t Working, then really focus on Chapter 16 – What Do I Feel?

Then go back and read it cover to cover – I know Sex and Heart will help you immediately – You’ll discover simple, easy, and fast tools you can use RIGHT AWAY to transform your love life. I promise.

If, after you’ve read the book you decide that it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you’ll receive when you download your copy of the book, write “cancel eBook ” in your message, and your money will be refunded, no hassles, no questions asked…

I truly want to help you bring love, affection, tenderness, closeness and great sex back into your life. I get emails every day from women who are using the secrets in Sex and Heart and see DRAMATIC, incredibly fast improvements in their love lives.

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What Women Are Saying About Sex and Heart:

Many of us women have to overcome so many negative things that have been drilled into our brains and beings. This great book, written by a woman who had to overcome many emotional obstacles and has made it out to the other end of the tunnel, is the best guidance that I have found for me. — D.L., Los Angeles

Dominique – your story resonated with me, even though circumstances are somewhat different – yet the core of it all is the same. I LOVE YOUR BOOK – I have a sense of resolve reading it. I feel I wanna give you a big strong hug for being so strong and courageous to write this, share yourself like this and with it opening a whole new personal world for those who are ready to take those steps into a new and better me. — Mystique-Love

You’ll Be Able To Turn Your Relationship Around Quickly – If I Did It, I KNOW You Can!

In Sex and Heart, you’ll find my personal story – exactly how I made the changes that completely transformed my relationship WITHOUT struggling with my man’s porn habits in the useless way I used to. That’s how I know that these Tools. explained step-by-step for you and illustrated with my personal experience, will actually WORK for you, too! You’ll be able to use these insights and tools right away to transform your love life practically overnight – whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married. If you’re starting fresh and dating – you’ll learn the secrets of how to attract a man powerfully. How to invite a man to want to walk across the room and talk to you, to ask for your number, to actually pick up the phone and ask you out – and want to stay glued to you forever because you’re just so in touch with you own sensuality! And if you’re in a relationship or married – you’ll learn how to invite your man to passionately want to please you, to make you happy, to step up to the plate in all areas of your marriage – especially emotionally and sexually. These are specific, step-by-step secrets.

Sex and relationships have been so challenged by how easy it is now for a man to look at porn – without you ever knowing.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve discovered porn on his computer, or DVD’s in his drawer and are thrown for a loop and feeling terrible and angry. Or, perhaps, you thought his porn viewing was “regular” – just like “any guy” – and discovered he’s looking at it more often than you thought, and it’s really draining the sexual energy from your relationship.

In Sex and Heart, instead of getting just concepts and ideas you probably already know – you’ll learn step-by-step adjustments and changes you need to make in your body language, your words, and your thoughts to change his porn habits and give you the love, affection, attention, and great sex you need and deserve. To draw ANY man closer! Sex and Heart will teach you – quickly – to get the love, affection and great sex you want and deserve without having to “fight” him constantly. Instead, you’ll be getting closer, opening up to each other, and experiencing the intimacy you’ve always wanted. You can use this experience of his porn watching to actually BUILD a better relationship a better  love and a better  sex life – and Sex and Heart will teach you how, get it now!

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I look forward to helping you be happy in your relationships in any way I can. I know Sex and Heart will change your life. Please be sure to let me know how it works for YOU.