“If You Touch Him This Way…
He’ll Be Putty In Your Hands!”

You’re About to Learn How to Bind Your Man To YouHERE’S YOUR DUCT TAPE:

Is this happening to you: He gets stressed…then he’s not as emotionally open to you, he’s not as affectionate with you, he has less attention for you – and he gets more wrapped up in himself instead of thinking about how to make YOU happy?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Most women try all the wrong ways to soothe a man and open him up emotionally.

When he gets stressed and feels tense – trying to get his romantic interest and attention is a losing plan.

He’ll feel “put upon” and withdraw from you rather than give you what you want.

Why He Withdraws and How To Stop It and Bring Him Closer – Even if He’s Stressed and Tense

If you try to get more interaction with him by “giving” affection to him – he might withdraw from that because he’ll take it as a not-so-subtle “request” from YOU for him to give attention and affection to YOU.

And – how often have you tried to “give him a massage” and then it just fizzled out?

That’s because your massage has likely been minimal, tentative, not effective, wishy-washy – and felt to him more like an attempt by you to get HIM to give YOU more attention.

This is where having the skills to give him a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL massage – even just for his neck or shoulders, or his face, or his feet – will take the relationship to a whole new level in that moment.

Instead of being distracted by your “girly” efforts to “touch him” – he’ll be completely blown away by how he FEELS under your touch!

Even just picking up a FEW of the skills from this step-by-step book will give you a Tool for your relationship that is unlike ANYTHING any other woman can offer.  It’s not just that you can give him a great “massage” that’s important here – it’s that you are actually doing something that relieves his stress in that moment and opens him up to you – instantly!!

It’s a way of competing with sports on TV! If you’ve ever had a professional massage yourself – you know it’s addictive.  It feels so good, you want to go back and back.

Well – how many men come home to women who WANT something from them – and so they quickly withdraw to their “man cave” (even if it’s just the couch in front of the TV)?

Well – YOUR man will rush home knowing he’s got a 5-minute foot, neck, face, or back massage coming up that will make him feel so much better!!!

Instead of trying to avoid your requests for contact – he’ll start feeling relaxed enough to SEEK OUT CONTACT WITH YOU!!

This book is another tool in your arsenal as a woman. It will give you a skill that all men want to be around. And it will give you a skill that can powerfully diffuse anger, tension, upset and stress – so that he can settle down and enjoy being with you.

It will also help you open him up emotionally so he’ll TALK to you about things and begin to TRUST YOU in a way he might have been afraid to before.

He’ll truly, literally be “putty in your hands.”

That’s why we created this book for you in our Girl’s Guide” series – Get Him Committed! – Massage Secrets To Make Him Putty In Your Hands.

The idea in our Get Him Committed! series is simple and fun – and that’s to MAKE HIM INSANE FOR YOU!

To make him feel so free from pressure, and yet so entranced by you – that he’ll just naturally not want to lose you, and so will INSIST on commitment.

The idea is for YOU to feel like the fantastic, amazing, unique woman you already ARE – with added-in incredible, unusual and powerful new love skills that put YOU in CONTROL. That make YOU feel as powerful as you truly are.

Essentially – we want to put the “duct tape” in your hands – so you can bind him to you easily, quickly and forever. Try out Massage Secrets To Make Him Putty In Your Hands, learn the techniques you can do quickly and easily first, techniques that are real, professional level and will get RESULTS:

We feel so confident you'll get immediate and great results, we want to offer you a 365 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked and no hassles! So if, for any reason, you're not happy with how the program is working for you (we know you'll be amazed) - just let us know and we'll refund your purchase price right away.

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You know us here at LoveRomanceRelationship – and you know we want to put Tools into your hands that you might never have thought of – ways to end the emotional distance between you and a man, to stop him from “blowing” hot and then cold, to attract the kind of man you want, to navigate dating in ways no one else is teaching out there – and to give you confidence and a feeling that you can DO this!

We thought a book – not on “erotic” massage – but on plain, straight-ahead REAL, professional level massage would be a HUGE addition to your arsenal as a woman. Instead of approaching a man “romantically” – which is what we women are always trained to do – or trying to “offer” him things (like doing errands for him, cooking for him…all the “standard” stuff…), here you can “practice” on him some “skills” and “techniques” you’re interested in, that you’re learning, and that have health and well-being benefits.

In other words – you’re going to practice massaging him – which has NOTHING to do with your “relationship”!

Instead of having a relationship “talk” – you simply use these skills to get closer to him physically – then – you do a professional level job (not just a “girlfriend” job) on his neck or back or face or hands – and then you go back to your OWN business.

You’re actually asking his HELP (and good men ALL want to “help” you if it’s not about “the relationship”) – and so he’ll gladly be your “guinea pig”!

This way – you have a SKILL he WANTS!!! He’ll start to seek out this skill – and NOW you have a NEW way to open him up to talk.  Because – you know it’s going to happen – when he’s mesmerized and transfixed by your touch – he’s going to relax and open up.

He’s going to want to “talk.”

He’s going to feel the pressure lift off of him – physically – because what you’re doing will WORK – but even more important – because you’re touching him like a professional who’s PRACTICING on him – so he feels like PART of the whole thing. He’ll feel like his FEEDBACK to you is VALUABLE to you…so it’s not going to be just a one-way street (you to him…)

That’s why we’ve launched our “Get Him Committed” series with Massage Secrets To Make Him Putty In Your Hands. Think of it…

1. He COMES to you to get touched by you.

2. You put your hands on him – and you KNOW what to do to relax him WITHOUT pressuring him for emotional, sexual or affectionate connection. YOU are in control!

3. He relaxes.

4. He feels good, he turns around and starts GIVING you affection, attention, sex and the emotional connection you want!

5. You consistently, continually do and say things that make him feel good WITHOUT making him feel like you’re pressuring him, and – all of a sudden – HE wants to sew YOU up into a COMMITMENT.

6. Because you have these powerful and specialized Tools to use – YOU start feeling more confident, less insecure and worried, more easy-going around him, and automatically become more attractive to him moment by moment.

7. He doesn’t know why he feels it – but he suddenly feels so much BETTER around YOU than he does anywhere else – and so he hangs around you more and more.

Get Him Committed – Massage Secrets To Make Him Putty In Your Hands will actually give you an EDGE over every other woman who’s going about her love life in the OLD ways that don’t work.

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Be sure to let us know how this works for you…

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