sleepby Rose Cole

Are you starving for sleep?

A lot of us are. Our busy lives are a large part of it, but if you can’t slow down and get a good night’s sleep, you are doing serious (but fixable) damage to your body.

If you suffer from adrenal exhaustion, this is especially important.

Not getting enough sleep can cause these issues and MANY more:

• Hormonal Imbalances
• Lowered Immunity
• Aging skin
• Accelerated aging to your whole body
• Low energy
• Adrenal exhaustion
• Grouchy/inpatient (I didn’t need to tell you this one!)

If you’re like me, you’re probably up late, either working on your computer, or watching TV. I *know* that I should go to bed at a decent hour, but I just want to send out one more email (which turns into 20) or I just want to do one more thing and then I’ll go to sleep. It never ends.

But the facts are these.

Most People Need 8-8.5 Hours of Sleep a Night

(some people need less, some more)

And your body genuinely needs this time.

Sleeping is when your body rejuvenates and resets all your inner functions and hormones. Your body cleanses and repairs while you are asleep. And if you aren’t sleeping *enough*, then your body isn’t getting a chance to catch up on its repair work.

Thus, the more nights in a row you don’t get enough sleep, the farther and farther behind your body gets.

The Quality of the Sleep Is Just as Important as the Quantity

The ideal sleep is called REM sleep. It’s deep, and it’s rejuvenating. It’s the kind of sleep where you dream. If you aren’t getting this kind of sleep, you could literally be damaging your body.

So, how can you get to the point that you’re getting enough sleep, and you feel rested when you wake? How can you train yourself so that you don’t even need an alarm clock to wake you?


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