single momby Allana Pratt

As a single mom you really are so busy, you very rarely take time to listen deeply to how you are truly feeling.  Our instinct is to care for and tend to our family and friends, hoping for a few brief moments to take care of our own needs.

Those few brief moments are few and far between for the single mom, as we continually push our own needs aside to see to others needs.  You need to make time for yourself; time to quietly listen to what you can hear your inner self telling you that you need.

Your New Single Mom To-Do List:

At least once a week draw yourself a nice relaxing bath.  Leave the phone out of earshot.  Light some candles.  Create a haven where you can open yourself completely with none of the distractions plaguing the single mom.

Take time to have a good cry if that is what you feel.  Crying is a great cleanser to begin anew and refresh your outlook. Alone, in the tub, purge yourself of any weight you feel bearing down on you.

Bring a journal with you to write down your thoughts or creative ideas you’ve had in passing that you just haven’t been able to focus on in your business.  Allow your ideas to flow through and develop. Focus on you.  Only you.

Close your mind and ears to the outside walls of the room.  For right now, in this very moment, alone in the tub, it is time for you. Time for you to re-energize and appreciate the strength and beauty and love you have within you.  You are not just a single mom, you are a beautiful woman.

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