by Carole Hodges


Now you can take a profound success step with two parts:

First, acknowledge the beauty and value in who you are NOW!

Then ask for what you need from others to ALWAYS contribute your best.


Acknowledge yourself for the real brilliance you bring to others.

It is your unique view of the world.

Then choose ONE thing that will support you in being your best.

Decide to get enough of what you need!

Ask for support from those around you to help you stay on track.

For example, my choice this week is to get enough sleep.

This is a critical factor in my ability to be creative, in good humor and supportive to others in my life.

In order to get enough sleep, I need to leave evening events a little earlier and refuse to take on extra responsibilities that I cannot accomplish during the day.

I must ask friends to make earlier plans and not to call me late at night.

Your choice might be to eat better, to spend time with supportive friends, to get out in nature or to read inspiring books.

Undoubtedly, your choice will have repercussions elsewhere in your life.

When it does, CELEBRATE! Nothing ever stays the same.

Success comes with your willingness to make changes and shift your perspective!


The most difficult thing about this week’s exercise is the willingness to experience any and all results of your choice.

You may find that you have less time for some habitual activities. Are you willing to change your habits and discover new ways of living? Can you trust yourself to make a choice and stick with it?

Is it easier to make a commitment for a specific number of days or weeks?

It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Could you allow things to shift?

Are you willing to stick to your choice for 3 weeks or a month until it becomes a habit?

Have you noticed that there is no perfect way to BE?

You will always have more choices and opportunities than time available.

Life is infinitely abundant!

Life is also YOUR adventure.

So make a choice that supports you and stick with it.

Aren’t you curious just what benefit it will bring you?

Are you really adventurous?

What if some things need to fall apart before they can restructure?

Can you be bold enough to accept that imperfection as perfect in the moment? Kudos to you!

Live Your Light!

From Sarah: Carole is totally delightful, and a fabulous coach. 

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