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WEEKLY FOCUS: Do you think you are getting more done by multi-tasking? A Stanford University study found that multi-taskers seem to be better at only one thing, namely being distracted easily. And the distractions are whatever comes along.

Granted, you can listen to a book while driving, or read while on a treadmill without much distraction. But you may want to think twice about texting, talking, listening, web browsing and reading at the same time.

ACTION: To simplify your life, do ONE thing at a time whenever possible. If you are used to multi-tasking, you may find yourself very easily distracted. So be gentle with yourself. When you find yourself multi-tasking, simply notice and bring yourself back to your original task.

Do your best to complete one task before beginning another.

SELF OBSERVATION: Noticing yourself and coming back to the present is like the art of meditation. See if you can breathe in and out and enjoy doing one thing at a time. Can you feel yourself slowing the pace a bit? What are you learning about yourself by simplifying your approach to life?

Live Your Light!

Carole Hodges

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