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Do you want to find terrific gifts for people you love? Do you want to find them within your budget? Does that seem like a tall task? During the month of December I’m taking a break from business & marketing focus. Instead, you can to practice your natural attraction strategy as part of the holiday.


Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? You are already an expert at the Law of Attraction because you have attracted what is in your life at this very minute! Stop for just a moment and APPRECIATE what you have created.

Consider what is really terrific. You might appreciate relationships, health, connection to spirit, creativity or all the nifty material stuff. Now consider how to practice attraction more intentionally.


Make an intention to feel a particular way this holiday season. And renew that intention every day. Write it down. My intention is to feel energetic, creative, loving and connected during this holiday season.

Next, delegate your holiday tasks to Santa (this month’s substitute for spirit). You do that by writing a note of THANKS.

My notes read: Thank you for finding the perfect gifts for my family and friends. I appreciate your inspiration which brought me to the right spot to find each one.

Thank you for making the details easy. It seems that with each detail I thought of, you came rushing up with the perfect answer.

Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever, as I appreciate all the love around me in my life and know that love surrounds me, even when I don’t recognize it.


What does it take to delegate? The best way is always to ask for a specific outcome and then let your helper create that outcome. Notice how you can do that this season.

How can you set the stage for your outcome? Did you read your intention daily? Can you LIVE it? What is it like to shop for presents KNOWING that Santa will come through by finding the perfect ones?

Can you remember that this is just a practice? Or maybe it is a game? Isn’t it fun to get a new game during the holidays?

Create success the simple way,

From Sarah: Carole is totally delightful, and a fabulous coach. 

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