What Are You Willing to Do to Discover Success?

by Carole Hodges

Are you ready to take a challenge this week to push you towards success? I find that I take greater risks when I have someone to cheer me on.

A favorite coach dares me to phone people who are way outside my comfort zone.


  • Are you willing to activate your inner hero or heroine?
    Your inner wisdom knows the way.
  • What are your next steps?
  • Where have you been playing small?
  • Where could you step up?

The truth is that we never have certainty. We are always stepping into the unknown.

Have you ever considered that self-confidence requires courage and trust?

Ramp up your self-confidence by taking on a challenge.

  • What would make your heart beat faster and pump up your adrenaline? Is it a physical challenge? You might learn a new dance step or take up tennis.
  • What is your professional challenge? Could you make some calls you have postponed? Or give a speech?
  • Are you willing to take a relationship challenge and tell your truth?
  • Will you risk leaving your comfort zone for the unknown response?
    Choose one or more very specific actions.

TELL someone what you are going to do. If you email me personally, I will check with you at the end of the week to see how you did.


  • How do you respond to challenge?
  • Is it difficult to overcome the inertia?
  • Are you nervous or fearful?
  • Are you willing to feel the fear and do it anyway?  Did fear stop you?
  • Did you hide from yourself by saying that you would do it later or you ran out of time?
  • How do you really want to live your life?
  • Are you willing to get support and accountability from someone so that you can accomplish more?

Self-doubt can sneak up on you and grow to permeate all motivation or action.

Using positive self-talk and surrounding yourself with those who believe in and challenge you can block or destroy self-doubt and allow you to see the path to your goal much more clearly.

To your Simple Success,


From Sarah: Carole is totally delightful, and a fabulous coach. 

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