by Carole Hodges

Last week I found myself focused on “habits.”

Have you noticed that your “comfort zone” is only an assortment of habits?

It is your habits that make you healthy, wealthy or wise.

It is your habitual thoughts and actions that have gotten the results you have now.

If you want to create a new and different outcome, you need to move outside your comfort zone to do something different.


Stop for a moment.

Consider your life goals.

What is it that calls to you each day?

What do you want to contribute to others?

How do you want to grow?

How do you want to impact your family, your community, your world?

Get a clear picture in mind. How would you be different if you made that change now?


What you are imagining is your ideal self.

Now consider the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

What Habits Would You Need To Cultivate To Live Your Ideals?

Would you have to get up earlier?

Or read regularly?

Or exercise and eat right?

Would you have to make phone calls more often or relax and become more playful?

Choose One Habit.

Make sure it is ONLY one habit.

Create a specific action plan that moves you one step closer to your ideal.

And start that new habit today!


Habits generally take 21 days, sometimes longer, to become permanent. S

o make sure that your habit is small and specific so that you can keep it up.

Notice How Your New Habit Impacts Your Life.

One small thing can shift many others.

You may have an experience like mine:

I decided to get up at 5am.

Yet I was very tired unless I got to bed between 9 and 10pm, so that had to become a habit.

Yet to get to bed by that time, I need to turn off my computer by 8pm, so that is a new habit.

You see how it goes?

Choose Only One Thing And Arrange The Rest Of Your Life To Support That Habit.

Give yourself an entire month and see what else changes in your life.

Isn’t it fun to discover that life is your own personal lab?

To your Simple Success,


From Sarah: Carole is totally delightful, and a fabulous coach. 

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