by Carole Hodges

People who have a purpose and events to look forward to live longer and happier lives.

Why not begin today to create life as you want it?


What have you always wanted to do?

Who do you want to meet?

What skills have you wanted to learn?

Where do you want to visit?

Have you written a list?

Everything which man has created started with the imagination.

It was a thought, a wish or a dream.

You are the magician in your own life that will create something out of nothing.

The place to start is to record whatever you imagine.


Take out paper and pen and write a list of adventures, accomplishments and dreams that excite you.

Record your dreams in a place that you can come back and visit often.

You can use a special notebook, or put it on your computer or cell phone.

Write whatever comes. Avoid over-analysis that leads to stress. You don’t need to be practical. If you want to fly to the moon – put it on the list. Money is no object. Write it all down.

Nothing is too small. Sampling a new flavor of tea, or sitting in a hammock on a summer day belong on your list as well. If it makes you feel good, write it down.

See if you can reach a list of 100. Stop when you get tired. You can always go back and add more.


When you re-read your list, what do you notice?

Do you have a pattern of listing expensive trips, possessions and experiences which are out of your reach?

How does that make you feel?

What could make you feel good about your list?

What experiences are already available to you? How can you incorporate them into your life?

What are you curious about?

What excites you?

Are there people that you want to be around to share these experiences?

What does your list say about you?

Are you willing to love and appreciate your unique qualities?

What could you put into action today?

Are you willing to live the life you just planned?

What is possible?

To your simple success,


From Sarah: Carole is totally delightful, and a fabulous coach. 

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