Sexy Talk He Can’t Ignore

The easiest (and most effective) way to talk dirty to your man is by asking questions.

and the most basic question you can ask leads to the same word – “yes”.

You with me?

But before I explain how to do this, you must understand the concept of “escalation.”

Just as water takes time to boil, dirty dialogue has a certain building momentum that you must recognize and follow. If you throw the pasta in the pot before the water is ready, its not going to cook very well.

That is why we escalate.

Like anything else, you must start small. Remember, what dirty dialogue is naturally is an expression of your arousal, so by communicating a level higher then you (or he) is really at, things might become awkward.

In terms of dirty dialogue, escalation refers to the depth of dirty description you are using.

An example of “over doing it” would be saying something like “I want your big hard cock in my mouth” before you even kiss him. Or saying “Fuck my wet pussy” while you still have your clothes on.

Are you with me here?

Ok, good. So we must keep in mind the rate we are escalating dirty dialogue as the dirty deed is going down.

====Yes Questions====

The word “yes” is most commonly used to ask and answer a question, and this is exactly what we are going to do. Ask questions and elicit EoPs.

But these questions are different then most, in that you already know the answer to them.

Lets use “blowjobs” as an example.

Example 1: Blowjobs

Say you start going down on your man. You know this is something he likes and you are going about your normal business.

As you lick his dick from the balls up (which is something not a single man on earth that wouldn’t enjoy), and as you lick past the tip, look for his you say:


He will say “yes”

“You like that?”

His obvious answer will be “yes.”

Now you can escalate. Do it again and say:

“You like when I lick you baby?”

Again, he’s going to say “yes” no matter what. This would be a good time to moan slightly in response to his yes. Moans in this type of situation are basically a confirmation that you heard him and are happy with his response.

Now you can continue.

“You like when I lick your cock baby?”

Notice again, the escalation of the same exact question. “You like that?” turned into “you like when I lick you?” and again into “you like when I lick your cock?”

The first question was vague, but obvious in the sense of what you were “referring” to. The next one added the verb “lick” to state the action you’re  taking. The third added the noun “cock” which now states what you’re taking the action on.

Do you see a pattern here?

It usually takes 3 “yeses” to get him to a point where he’s reached his boiling point.

It’s like you start steamrolling your man into saying “yes” to everything you tell him. Not a bad place to be, is it? ?

Anyways, try it out the next time you talk dirty. Next time, we’ll talk about mixing it up with more *specific* words and phrases.

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