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Hey, it’s Mike Fiore . . .

We got a BUNCH of great questions this week… Lets dive in . . .

Tracy Moreno Vasquez asks:

“Mike, what’s a good reply to a man who tries to get sex on the first date?”

A coy giggle. A gentle laugh. A wry smile or a smoldering look. A “not yet” with a grin.

Honestly, almost all guys are going to “try” to get sex on the first date (and the second date, and the third date . . . well, you get
the idea. We like sex.”)

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a scumbag or that he’s “only looking for sex.”

It means he’s a guy.

And he thinks you’re hot.

And every cell in his body is pushing him to pounce on you, ravage you, conquer you (well, you get the idea.)

So what do you do? Be “firm but fun” in the way you turn him down.

Don’t . . .

“She froze up like a deer in the headlights, a horrible scowl crawling across her face as her thighs clamped together like the doors of Fort Knox. ‘You’re just like the rest of them,’ she sobbed and shrieked. Why can’t you just want me for ME???”

Do . . .

“‘I’m not having sex with you tonight’ she giggled as her arm snaked through his. ‘And probably not tomorrow night either. But when I decide I want to . . . well, I promise you it will be worth it.'”

Have fun with it. Tease him.

Don’t make it a “big deal.” Let him know that sex isn’t 100% off the table forever (unless it is) and have a good time.

And if he doesn’t respect the line you draw in the sand sit him down like a bratty 8 year old and tell him exactly what he can do with his goddamn erection.

Dione Green asks . . .

“Why do men just ‘drop’ you (I.E. stop returning calls, etc.) rather than being man enough to say they don’t want to see you any more?”

Because they’re cowards, because they don’t want to deal with conflict or potential craziness, and because they think it’s the kindest way to let someone down.

Which is, of course, bullshit.

Women do the same thing, by the way.

A few years back I fell HARD for a 5’10” blonde with magical hands . . .

We went on a few dates.

We tumbled into bed together.

I felt a crazy magnetic spark.

I felt my bruised heart opening up to the possibility of *something.*

And then the crazy cruel radio silence began and I felt this obnoxious anxiety and anger build in my chest.

So it’s not just a “guy” thing.

So . . .

1. When you decide you don’t want to see a guy anymore, just tell him in as plain language as possible.

2. If a guy doesn’t call you back after two attempts, assume he’s got stuff going on that has nothing to do with you and move on. Rejection sucks. But do you really want to be a guy who’s not man enough to tell you what’s up anyway?


Mike Fiore

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