couple-eating-candy-in-bed-b&wStill working on that resolution to lose weight and get in better shape?

You may have read every weight loss trick and new diet fad – but this one may top your list…

What better way to burn calories than a good ‘workout’ in the bedroom?

Sex has a myriad of health benefits.  Some of which are:

  • Sex provides a distraction from that night-time binging.

Rather than slouch on the couch with that bag of chips in your hand, why not turnoff the zombie tube and put your hands on your partner?

After the kids are in bed and your brain has begun to shut down, freshen up with a quick, hot shower (two in a shower conserves water!) and then slide under those sheets instead of flopping down on that sofa.

  • Sex relieves stress.

There is nothing better for getting your mind off that hard day at work, or the aggravation with your kids than to share sensual touch (a nice, little foot rub, back or head scratch) to be able to focus on taking a deep breath and just enjoying how good it feels to give and receive that feeling…

  • Sex improves sleep.

As you may know, that wonderful hormone that men and women share; oxytocin (the same one released when we are winning a game, or hitting that ‘runner’s high’) is delivered in great quantities when hugging, kissing and of course, during sex.  Not only does this make us feel happy, but the heightened level in our brains and bodies helps us sleep soundly!

  • Sex helps you live longer.

It has been proven that men and women who have sex on a regular basis live longer.  In fact, if you have experience active intimacy at least once per week, you extend your life from 2 to 8 years!

Active intimacy is connecting with your partner through open and supportive communication, giving and receiving loving touch, and the act of sex itself.

Any or all of these things can help you lose those l-b’s and help you feel better every day – so put down that snack and nibble on your lover’s neck instead.

Think about it, it’s zero calories and super yummy!  It may very well become the favorite workout for both of you! 

Wishing Better Love, Better Sex, Better Life!

-Your Team at LRR

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