datingCut the Dating Checklist Loose  And Get Out of Your Own Way

So you say you want a gorgeous, sexy, smart, successful, sensitive, spiritual man, but you wear baggy knits or business suits because you don’t want him to get the “wrong idea?”

Or let’s say you want a smart, sweet, sensitive, stable, kind, good, romantic, sexy date but consistently go for men who treat you like dirt and leave you lying in the street licking your wounds?

Let’s get real here. Men aren’t the only “visual” ones, we all are. We like a man who dresses clean, in fashion, and upscale.

We – even though we’re women – like a woman who shows a bit of skin and wears soft, feminine, flattering clothes in colors we like.

And we all have a part of ourselves that thinks we don’t deserve someone who’s good, kind, smart, stable and sexy all at the same time – so when we see one like that, we run!

So get out of your own way. Stop running when you see a real prospect, even if you don’t think he would be interested in you.

Stop pretending you don’t care by dressing sloppily or unflatteringly.

Stop yourself before you get pulled in by a man who doesn’t have the eyes and heart to see what a gem you are, and stay away from that old pattern.

Start something new.

Get out of your way and Get behind yourself.

It works this way for online dating, too.  You don’t want to put up an “average” photo. You want to put up a drop-dead incredible photo – with everything about you screaming open, available, warm, sexy, soft, accepting, approachable, full of confidence – you at your best!

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