relationship problemsby Carole Hodges

Could everything in your life be perfect, just the way it is, even with relationship problems? This is not an easy concept. You may have nagging bills, difficult relationships and health challenges.

But what if each challenge supported your growth? Could you discover a new way of looking at your world? Could your bills be encouraging you to prioritize? Or to find a new source of income?

Are you hopeful for a better day? Do you believe that everything will be better when you overcome adversity? What if today is the PERFECT lesson for your growth?

Are Relationship Problems Your Biggest Challenge or Are There Other Issues?

Are you going through a divorce? Are you losing your home? Or considering bankruptcy? Have you been diagnosed with a health issue? Focus on the problem that you resist the most. You wish it would simply go away.

Stop! How could this situation be the perfect opportunity to shift your thinking? Even disastrous situations open up new possibilities. Bankruptcy could give you an opportunity to simplify your life and spend only what you earn. A health challenge may invite you to change your habits. A divorce may expand your personal growth.

An Activity to Help You Through Anything: Relationship Problems, Bankruptcy, Health Concerns:

Set aside some time with a journal and ask yourself: How is my challenge supporting me in making better choices? What was I resisting that I can now accept? Am I freed from old ideas and responsibilities? What can I stop doing? What can I start doing? How can I be grateful for this moment exactly as it is?

SELF OBSERVATION: This is an advanced self-coaching lesson. Being grateful for the very things that we resist goes against what most people believe. It is far easier to complain. What is your personal pain level? Are you willing to open your mind and heart no matter what you are experiencing? Admittedly, I’ve experienced some extremely painful situations before I was open to seeking other paths. Like you, I was doing my best. Later, I could look back and see that the answers were there all along, in my own heart. Sometimes it takes outside help to see what you already know. I needed that help to get through my relationship problems. What new perspectives are you willing to explore?

Live Your Light!

From LoveRomanceRelationship: Carole Hodges is an award winning speaker and life and business coach. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP, hypnosis and DISC personality styles. She’s helped many individuals and companies overcome the difficulties they faced – relationship problems and life challenges.

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