Sassy Works! Use It.

What does it mean to be sassy with a man in a way that attracts him even more?

by Alexandra Fox

It means to have a great attitude. It means to be filled with coolness.

It means to be a man magnet for all those studs out there who want to be with a woman as hot as you!

Being sassy sounds like a hard thing to do, right?

Sassy is the kind of word that you might think applies to very young women. Maybe those who are still in their teens. That’s what I thought when I first heard the term.

But Then I Started to Think About What It Means to Be Sassy with a Man

What does a man mean when he says he loves a sassy woman?

It’s a woman who is filled with confidence. She is sexy and she knows it!

It is a woman who won’t take any lip from her man. She is powerful and she knows it!

It is a woman who walks into a room and OWNS it. She is hot and she knows it!

Being sassy is all about being confident.

And you KNOW you have the confidence in you to be as sassy as you would like!

So let’s start right now by honing those skills that make you so sexy. Let’s talk about confidence and what it means for us.

Make him pursue you – Make him want you!

A sassy woman is one that has men hanging on her every word. She is asked for her phone number, but she just smiles. She is asked for her email, and she hands it over with a wink.

A sassy woman knows the meaning of slow and easy. She knows how to play it cool!

Never make catching you too easy for a man. He wants the thrill of the chase.

He NEEDS to pursue you!

So give him every reason to do so. Show him that you are fun and charming and sexy. Show him that you are downright HOT.

That will make him wonder how much hotter you are behind closed doors!


The sassy woman is confident in her own skin. She doesn’t try to act like anyone else.

On the contrary! Women want to be more like HER.

Walk into a room with confidence. Always remember that you are good enough for anybody.

YOU are the one they should be noticing.

The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more men will NOTICE you.

The most beautiful woman in the world might get their attention. But when they realize she has no self-esteem, they will look elsewhere.

You might not be the most beautiful woman in the world. But you can be the most confident and self-assured woman in the world.

That WILL make you the most beautiful woman in THEIR world!


It isn’t enough to know you are confident. You have to show it, too.

Showing men how confident you are often involves what a man might call “attitude.” It’s a way of teasing that catches their attention – FAST!

Here’s How It Works to Be Sassy with a Man

A sassy woman should always challenge a man in some way. For instance, if you are sitting with him at a bar, ask him why he hasn’t bought you a drink yet.

This will do two things: It tells him that you are expecting him to do the pursuing, but it makes it clear you are interested in letting him do it!

Besides that, it gets you a nice drink with a handsome man, and that’s worth the sassiness, right?

An attitude of confidence will get his attention and keep it!


The sassy woman always has a good time, whether she is with a man or not. She is always enjoying herself!

Take your friends to the club with you. Meet up with other sassy ladies at the hot spots in town. Spend time enjoying your girlfriends and IGNORE the men.

Doesn’t make sense? Yes, it does!

A man likes a woman who is independent. He likes a woman who doesn’t have to have a man to fulfill her and keep her busy.

The sassy fun you have with your girlfriends will attract him to you like a bee to honey!

No matter where you go, walk into the place with an attitude of fun. It will get noticed.


The sassy woman leaves a man wishing he could have more time with her. It leaves him wishing she gave him her number.

It makes him come back to the same place and hope to see her there again.

It makes him want more!

This is when you play coy and hard-to-get. Remember that he needs to pursue you. You are letting him do just that by making him want MORE as soon as you walk out the door!

How do you do this?

Give him just a little taste.

Flirt with him for a while. Run your fingertips over his shoulders. Touch his hair. Give him a gentle kiss on the cheek as you turn to go.

When you discuss something, keep it light and fun. Don’t shy away from giving your opinion.

Challenge him with that sweet look in your eye. Give him that coy smile that says you want to hear his opinion, too – and more.

That will make him dream about the sweet, sassy you!

PLAY THE FIELD FOR A WHILE – be sassy with a man … or two, or more!

Few things will get a man’s attention faster than a woman who is wanted by every man in the room.

When you flirt, leave no one out. Focus on playing the field, rather than narrowing your focus down to one man.

This will have a devastating effect on a man. He will want to be the only one you notice. His hunting instincts will come out, and he will start trying to think of ways to win you.

This is exactly what you want him to do!

Sassy women know that by playing the field a bit, they will draw the attention of the most confident men.

The key is to make sure that you don’t appear to be with anyone else. You have to always make it clear that a guy has a chance with you.

When he starts to come on strong, give him the coy tease. Flirt a bit but then move on. Keep it up and sure enough, he will come back for more.

But what do you do when you are tired of teasing? When you think you have found a man you want to see again?

This is where you give him a little nudge. You show him that he MIGHT be able to win you.

This is where you write your phone number down on the palm of his hand.

THIS is where you ask him when he intends to call.

THIS is where you show him that if he wants you, he had better MEAN it.