Energetic Compatibilty Rating:
Friends 6%
Lovers 6% February 6, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been married since 1997 and have a five-year-old son. The ratings reflect the many challenges they have faced in their marriage. They have different Styles of Communication, different Activity Levels and different Sexual Response types. That means in these three primary energetic traits they lack the open channels that provide important ways to connect to work out their differences.

When the tabloids rumor about dramatic ups and downs in this relationship there is no doubt some degree of accuracy.

You might ask, “If they are so poorly aligned in the Lifestyle traits, how have they been able to stay together for so long and give the impression that everything is working well?” Long before MatchMatrix became available people having been finding ways to make their relationships to work. For many, the bottom line for a successful relationship is whether or not a couple stays together.

In the entertainment world, many people point to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (Friends 6, Lovers 6) as a successful marriage because they were together for 50 years. People with the challenges that come from energetic misalignments can stay married if they spend a lot of time apart or for the most part live separate lives.

The ability to make this work long-term requires a lot of commitment. There is no question about Paul and Joanne’s commitment to each other because they couldn’t have stayed together without it. It is also well-known that Paul spent a lot of time with his daughter Nell (Friends 94) in the food business. Both of them have the Perfectionist modifier which is a special bonding tie. That in conjunction with the Friends rating supported a remarkable friendship.

So what is behind Sarah Jessica Parker’s commitment to her marriage? She has False Attractions. Look at the pattern of the ratings of the men she dated before she and Matthew married: Robert Downey Jr.(Friends 86, Lovers 86); John Kennedy Jr.
(Friends 81, Lovers 81) and Joshua Kadison (Friends 57, Lovers 71). Sarah and these three men all shared the same Logical Style of Communication. The problem from her point of view is she did not feel any chemistry and would’ve considered all three of them to be friends.

Matthew has the Emotional Style of Communication. This is the classic connection for someone with False Attractions. Sarah is committed to the strong feelings for Matthew that never go away despite the fact that there are minimal emotional connections to support their relationship. Having different Styles of Communication is the most challenging for them of the three sources of MatchMatrix Lifestyle conflicts.

The MatchMatrix ratings are great as an early warning system for new relationships. What about committed relationships such as Sarah and Matthew’s? The energetic differences are not going away. What they have now is an explanation for many of the very tough challenges they experience being together.

Most important they must fully accept each others differences. From this place there are many options. For example, it will be helpful for them to spend time apart to recharge their batteries from the energy drain that follows from having different Styles of Communication. They must try to see past the conflicts. Understanding their energetic differences allows them to better focus on maintaining a high level of commitment to their marriage.

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