Hi, This is Rori...

If You're Enduring The Back-And-Forth Of A "Rubberband Man..."

...or longing for love and feeling like there's no good man out there for you -

The Love Forever Program is here to help you quickly get what you want...

Every day with my clients I come up with new Tools to help you turn your love life into what you want it to be - fast, and now you can experience the amazing, dramatic love-life turn-around my private clients get by joining my "Love Forever" program -

Once you join the Love Forever program - here's what you'll get:

1. Access to the 35+ hour audio recordings of my "Love Forever" program - PLUS:

2. My interview with my husband about how our marriage works...PLUS:

3. Your personal questions, answered by a Rori Raye Siren School coach, personally - by email! You'll get email access to your coach for the full month in which you purchase Love Forever!

Here's Some Of What's Covered In The Love Forever Recordings You Can Instantly Access:

You'll Learn The Dynamics of Making Him Fall For You

* How "The Energy Bubble Of Love" works, and how to bring a man close instead of pushing him away

* How To Dial a man to his Love Channel no matter WHAT's going on with him

* How to make INTIMACY feel "natural" to a man - even if he's scared (and you are, too!)- so you can create real emotional closeness with him - even a man you haven't met yet!

* Why a man thinks the way he does - and how you can leverage that to compel him to want you even more, and WANT to commit to you forever... all on his own...

* How to create real, genuine, mind-blowing, deeply emotional INTIMACY - even though it feels totally "wrong" and you're as scared of it as a man is...

* How to turn a man around "on a dime" - no matter what things are like now (the worse things are, the FASTER this will work)

* How to use the Tools in my programs for YOUR specific, unique situation

* What commitment means to a man, and how to get him to commit to taking YOU to YOUR "Happy Ever After"

* How to shift your "vibe" so that a man can FEEL you - even if you're across the world from him! This works great to cure his missing phone calls and texts and get you back on track contact and connection-wise

*The Key To Love - Thrills and Safety: Opening yourself up to love so HE'LL open up and LOVE you!

* How to make him jump off his bachelor "ship" of "freedom" and choose to bind himself to you forever on Siren Island

* How to undo the damage, replace what doesn't work with what DOES work to create love, and break down his (and your) blocks to love.

* How to mesmerize him with your "poetry of you"

* How to ramp up your natural "magnetism" so he'll automatically be AWARE of you. You'll be on his mind and in his heart in a deep, profound, powerful way.

* Create more love by focusing on YOU instead of on HIM - That's so easy to just "say" - and I'll teach you HOW to DO it!

*Nuts-and-bolts of Scripting, Circular Dating (even if you're married...), and Healing Your Old Patterns With Toxic Men

* How to use your emotions - even the ones none of us want to feel - to bind him to you everlastingly

* How to use the Relationship Rollercoaster - and even a man's "Rubberband" instincts - to your ADVANTAGE

* How to quickly shift your "vibe" from the moment you wake up - to the moment you wake up the next day to ATTRACT him more

***AND AS AN ADDED BONUS - you'll have access to a recording of me interviewing my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine!
I ask, and he answers about how we make our marriage work and how he knew I was the one -

You'll hear everything you've wanted to know about how I pulled my marriage back from the brink of disaster, and what deep connection looks like....!
Jeffrey will answer:
*Why he chose me
*What is the glue that holds us together
*What devotion means to a man
*How a man recognizes that you're "his ONE"
*What a man wants and why he stays...
*What pushes a man away
*How a man wants to be talked to
*What love is from a man's point of view
*How to create an Umbrella of Safety...


*You're struggling and trying and working hard to meet the right man for you, to get him interested all the way to forever...or...

*You're struggling with a man you're already in a relationship with to get him to LISTEN to you, to HEAR you, to SEE you, to GET you, to GIVE you what you need - love, affection, tenderness, attention, conversation, commitment, devotion, peace and harmony and great sex...

"Love Forever" will help you...

Love, Rori