mountaintopIt’s rough, you’re single again. And maybe you’re beginning to feel a little down about it. It seems like everyone around you is paired up, and now you’re the person who has to come to the party without a date.

Your friends are asking if you’re seeing anyone, if you’ve met someone. And it’s hard to keep saying “no” and not feeling like you’re losing somehow.

Now’s the time to remind yourself of the GOOD things about being single.

And if you’re too upset to think of them at the moment, have a look at the following list.

What’s Great About Being Single:

You’ve got free time: Relationships drain a lot of your time, especially new ones. Now you have time to do all those things that you’ve had to squeeze in, like hobbies, catching up with friends, cleaning, laundry and reading a good book. Start scheduling some of those activities into your days, make it a good mix of practical and fun.

You’ll be able to fall in love once more: Maybe you don’t feel like you will right now, but chances are you’ve got a new love on the way. Falling in love with someone is like nothing else in the world. It’s exciting and fun in a way that you don’t experience with anything else. When you’re single, there is so much potential for new love!

Your time belongs to you: When you’re in a relationship, you need to be considerate by checking in with your partner to share your plans or find out if they have any. As a single person, you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

It’s ok to be weird because no one will know: Everyone has funny little things that they do when they’re by themselves. Whether it’s using a hairbrush as a microphone in front of a mirror and lip synching a favorite song, or doing funny dances naked, you’re free to be as odd as you want again.

Also, remember those little ticks or personality traits of yours that bugged your ex – you don’t have to be self-conscious about them anymore! You don’t have to work around anyone’s needs or tastes.

You can decorate the way YOU want: Once you’re single, you can decorate your place according to your tastes without having to compromise or consult a partner.

You can make your own vacation choices: When people get a mere one or two weeks yearly to go on a vacation, they tend to be pretty particular about how they spend it. Single people get to choose their own destinations. You can prioritize your family or your dream destinations.

You can flirt again: Most couples give up the flirting thing when they become an item. Once you’re single, you can give into whatever flirting temptation that you want without feeling guilty. Go ahead and have some fun!

You’ve got more time for your friends: Being in a relationship cuts into your time with your friends even when you don’t mean for it to happen. Now you can make up for lost time. Even if your friends are in relationships or busy, you can spread out your new time between them. Spread your net wide, see who’s free when. And reach out to people you’ve cared about who you haven’t seen in a while.

When you think about all of these things that you can do again now that you’re single, it should make you feel a lot brighter about all the new, amazing things waiting ahead for you.

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