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If you’re feeling desperate about your relationship…

If you’re feeling the pain and frustration of a relationship that feels like it’s going nowhere, with a man who changes his mind every day, and confuses and angers you so much your head is spinning trying to keep track of what’s going on and turn things in the right direction, you’re not alone.

Know that we have all been through that, and some of us are going through that right now, and I truly want you to know that you DON’T HAVE to go through that.

If I can change my life so instead of waking up every day to despair and desperation – I wake up looking forward to everything terrific I EXPECT to come my way – I KNOW YOU can.

Let’s try a simple Tool today to help: UNFOLD YOURSELF –

1. Imagine that you’re a piece of paper.

2. Imagine that you’ve allowed a man, or many men, over time, to crumple you up.

3. Imagine that you’re all crumpled up in a ball, all stiff and wrinkled and sitting in the middle of an empty room on a cement floor.

4. Imagine a breeze blows, and it rolls you across the floor.

5. Imagine how all that feels.

Let your senses kick in – notice how it feels to be folded up, with your head down, feeling like ANYTHING could blow you across the floor – a breeze, or a man blowing on you.

6. Imagine a man blowing on you and sending you across the room.

What does that feel like?

If you can – write down how it feels, using “Feeling Messages” (my ebook explains how to start using Feeling Messages, and then Modern Siren demonstrates how it works with a man).

Are you getting MAD yet?

I sure am!

Who wouldn’t be angry, crumpled into a ball and blown around the floor by a man?!

And yet – that’s what so many of us allow to happen.

I remember allowing what I can see now as the most humiliating things to happen – and at the time I thought I was being “honest,” or “nice,” or “understanding,” or “loving.”

But I was just crumpled up in a ball, getting blown around.

So – let’s DO something about it!

7. Stop rolling. Sit up in your chair and stop rolling. If you’re thoughts and feelings are going to a particular man, or to a yearning for ANY man – stop that thought and feeling from rolling, just for a moment, and bring it back, into your body.

Bring it DOWN, inside your body.

Let it roll around inside YOU.

8. Now – UNCRUMPLE yourself. UNFOLD yourself.

Move your arms out to the sides.

Move your arms backwards a bit, and feel the weight of them in the middle of your back.

Feel how you’re supporting yourself sitting up.

Unfold ALL of you – just imagine your energy field opening up – spread your legs, move your hips, stand up, shake yourself out.

Doesn’t that feel better?

9. Keep track of when you’re crumpling yourself up.

Anytime you’re pining after a man, and working hard to resist calling him or reaching out to him somehow – see if you feel crumpled up inside.

And then – Unfold yourself. Be dramatic. Stretch yourself out. Breathe.


First, you won’t be calling and reaching out to him, you’ll be unfolding yourself and finding your bearings again.

You’ll have a moment to breathe and a second to do something for YOU – something that feels GOOD – and that has nothing to do with HIM – or ANY man.
Second – he’ll feel you unfolding.

He’ll feel you from across the table at dinner, or across the room at a party, or across town on the phone, or perhaps even across the country, late at night, when you choose to unfold yourself, turn your attention AWAY from HIM, and turn it where it belongs – on yourself.

Try Unfolding Yourself the next time you talk to ANY man – check out if this particular man makes you fold up and crumple inside, or if you feel like a beautiful, unfolded, soft, waving-in the-wind piece of gossamer paper that has treasures written all over it.

I KNOW you’re BOOKS FULL of treasures – Let me know what you discover about the men around you and the new way they relate to you when YOU know what a treasure trove you are.

Love, Rori

From Sarah – Rori Raye rocks – even her sales pages are amazing, filled with information and help – she goes at this relationship thing and attraction thing in a different way than anyone out there. To learn how you can have the relationship of your dreams and get your free Rori Raye newsletters, go here-> Rori Raye’s Free Relationship Advice eLetters


  1. maisee on January 20, 2012 at 3:16 am

    Dear rori, I need some advice. So I have been going out with my boyfriend for two months. I know its early but we already said I love you. I feel like I am falling head over heels for him. We have such a great time together. We are very physical and intimate with each other. One thing that bothers me is that he is hot and cold about a lot of things. It seems like his mind always wander and I feel like he keeps testing my feelings for him because of the last relationship he was in. So last night he asked if we can not have no contact from each other for 3 weeks. He thinks that if we do this then it will test our love for each other. I don’t know what to think. I give him all my attention and love. Yet he asks me this? I feel like he is doubting my feelings for him. He just started a new job too. How do I go about this? Please help.

  2. dawdy on February 28, 2012 at 12:58 am

    Give him space he needs. But at the same time date other guys. This will keep you from missing him

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