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He does something wrong, yet you know – in order to continue in the relationship with him – there has to be forgiveness, and he has to be pardoned without any resentment left.

How is it possible? How can “forgiveness” re-build your relationship?

Yes it’s hard to forgive, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. A person is said to have purely forgiven an offense if he/she has forgotten the act as if never took place.

But how?

Many people still ask really how to re-build a relationship because they still feel so filled with sadness and a silent fury. If you’ve been injured, it’s so easy to feel stuck in that place of feeling wounded. It can feel overwhelming.

So – Can you ever forgive?

Can you ever forget the act after pardoning the offender?

Wounds leave scars even if the wrongdoer has been reproved. Nothing could erase the blemished past.

Trust has been lost, faith tarnished – the most difficult parts of forgiveness.

Yet often others ask us to forgive.

AND – the most important part here – The wounded person is fated to forever suffer in misery unless he or she forgives.There really is no other way.

So how do we forgive – renew, and rekindle?

How to Re-build a Relationship

First is to recall that your relationship must have started from a stable foundation.

This foundation may not be that strong in the first place yet stable enough to get you two together.

Start with this structure: Rebuild it as if you would renovate a once lovely home.

Will its original beauty be restored? To some extent yes and to some extent no, so you would have to add new revisions.

At least so the slighted would feel peaceful, he/she should confront the offender, yet tell him/her he has been forgiven.

Let him suffer the guilt, but give him a chance to mend – a chance that must not in any way be taken for granted for forgiveness doesn’t always mean that the same bad behavior can continue.

This has to change.

You can only get peace of mind if you get this assurance and FEEL that you have it.

The Saved Relationship

Re-building a relationship is never easy and most of the time, the saved relationship cannot continue at the same level and intensity after the mistake has been made.

Yet consider the fact that even divorced couples can have their families to get together through some miraculous ways.

Won’t it be wonderful? People have the power to gather up the immense desire to bring back the same old affection. Consider how to re-build a relationship tips. Remember the sweetness of courtship. Be once again satisfied with the cares that you missed.

Forgiveness becomes effective once the relationship has gotten back to normal. And from this the possibilities are again endless, and hopeful. Restart the progress by stopping complaints. Remember that both parties have their share of complaints. So rather, start saying ‘thanks’. Make this your relationship’s focus. Always try to find a reason to say “thank you.”

Soon you will notice the immediate change.

From this a healthy confidence could spring, and before you know it you’re friends again, companions, confidants.

Right then you can make yourself feel loved again.

Sincerely, The Editors

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