relationship psychologyThe science of relationship psychology can be used to improve – even SAVE your relationship –  because, at it’s core, relationship psychology is simply a way to learn how to identify and change the destructive things you do in a relationship.

This could be something as simple as always falling for the wrong person, or just being so insecure that you slowly tear your relationship apart.

Learning to understand each other, and actually listen to what your partner has to say is a vital skill that you must learn if you want to create peace AND keep the passion and attraction going strong in your relationship.

It’s no surprise that men and woman communicate differently, too. We all know that men tend to like to take action and women are more likely to want to talk about the situation.

That’s the big reason why men and women have so many difficulties in relationships – it’s easy to say we “just need to learn how to communicate more effectively with each other,” – but DOING it takes really looking at our old patterns and being willing to change ourselves, first.

We’re all very sure of how we would like our partners to change – but it’s next to impossible, when you look at how relationship psychology works subconsciously, to get anyone else to change until WE’RE really willing to make some changes first.

Use Relationship Psychology to Improve Your Relationship

Talk to your man about what he thinks is the perfect relationship, and what he EXPECTS your relationship together will be like. He may have an altogether different idea than yours!.

Say, for example, that your husband grew up in a home where his father dominated everything. Then he may feel he has that right in his own relationship. And if you grew up in a family that was more democratic than that, where everyone was allowed to be a part of any decisions that were made, then there’ll be problems in your relationship.

Getting things out in the open and learning to deal with them right from the beginning will enable the two of you to not have any misunderstandings or get your feelings hurt because you understand where the other is coming from.

Relationship Psychology Can Be An Effective Tool To Use To Build A Healthy Relationship Between You And Your Man

If you think you’ve met your perfect match, your soul mate, the love of your life – that doesn’t mean that everything will always be sunshine and roses. A lot of people who think they’ve met “the one” mistakenly assume they’ll always get along, and that the relationship will always be perfect and they won’t have to work at it.

And yet – we all know that life isn’t a fairy tale and relationships without disagreement and some conflict not only happen only in fairy tales – they often are stilted and superficial. Being emotionally intimate with another human being requires an “unmasking” of ourselves – and that’s basically what relationship psychology is all about: Learning to open up to each other instead of “act out” the conflict that being close to someone in a deep, emotional way triggers in all of us.

If you really want to start out on the right foot, get some premarital counseling. There are counselors who specialize in premarital counseling or the minister of your church probably offers it as well. Use this time to build on the good things about your relationship and nip the problem areas in the bud. The counselor can teach you both how to communicate effectively and give you both insight into how your partner thinks and behaves in certain situations.

Having a healthy relationship doesn’t just happen, it takes some effort on both your parts. So, learning the skills of “communication” and relationship psychology – especially learning a man’s “language” so that you can be heard by him – and then PRACTICING those skills all the time when you’re together pretty much guarantees relationship success.

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