Recognizing Mr. Right

What If You Could Recognize Your Soulmate – And Then…KNOW That He’s YOURS – And That You Could Never Say Or Do ANYTHING “Wrong” With Him? You really can stop “wishing and hoping” for your Mr. Right – All you need to do is take some simple, quick steps to create the love you most desire…read more »

Single Mom Manifesto

Your time isn’t your own. You have responsibility for someone other than yourself. You are already giving so much of yourself, attending to your child’s needs, supporting your family financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically – even when you’re running on empty. You deserve to be able to let yourself just BE for a bit…and to let someone else, a good man, take care of YOU…read more »

Seven Steps To Life-Long Love

Are you, like most women, making these mistakes in love? We’ve been taught to think relationships should be “easy” when there’s a “natural” attraction, or because there’s no “conflict,” or because you just “get along so well all the time,” or because he’s the “right one for you.” But that’s not how it works. What makes love “easy,” and MEN “easy” is this… read more »

Take an erotic, healing walk with Dominique – an amazing, one-of-a-kind coach for women – to explore your sexuality and unleash perhaps the most powerful orgasms you have ever had. And in just reading Sex and Heart, and doing these Steps she lays out for you – your man will immediately be brought more deeply into you – in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. read more »

Sexy Voice Secrets

Your voice is just as unique and recognizable as your face! You voice has a big impact on the people around you, and you can learn how your new, sexy, warm and relaxed “signature” voice – that’s uniquely YOURS – can draw men to you in an amazing way. Do men lose interest in women with annoying voices? The truth is – Yes! Over time your voice can kill your relationship. If you don’t get the attention that you need and deserve from men,it could be as simple as changing your voice. read more »

Attract The Hell Out Of Him: Body Language

Body language is the first thing a man sees. Oh, we know women are taught to believe it’s what you “look” like that attracts him – and the way you dress, the way you wear makeup, how smart you are, your personality…but NONE of that will make a man come close to you. The key to drawing a man closer to you – from across the room or from the next bar stool – is your body language. read more »

Attract The Hell Out Of Him: Online Dating

Filled with nuts-and-bolts How-To’s: Worksheets and detailed instructions to create headlines, profiles and photos that will work for you – and for every single step of the process of online (and offline) dating: Flirting with a man online and meeting him as quickly as possible, getting clear on what you’re looking for in your man, how to spot the good men and catch the not-so-good ones quickly. read more »

Attract The Hell Out Of Him: Personality Types

Learn how to connect quickly and deeply with a man based on the personality clues you can learn to PICK UP from a man almost instantly. It makes it insanely easy to connect with a man, to interest him, and to get him to feel ATTRACTED to you, without his knowing why. And from then on…as a relationship develops between you – you’ll know how to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that all other women are making. read more »

Get Him Committed: Massage Secrets

Have you ever tried to “give him a massage” and then it just fizzled out? It was probably minimal and felt more like an attempt to get HIM to give YOU more attention. but, having the skills to give him a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL massage – even just for his neck or shoulders – can take your relationship to a whole new level. It will help open him up emotionally so he’ll TALK to you and to TRUST YOU in a way he might have been afraid to before. read more »

The Good Husband Guide

Have you ever felt like your husband is just giving up as a father and a husband? Like he doesn’t follow through on what he says he’ll do and doesn’t pay your family the kind of attention you know it needs? Good Husband can help you improve him and deepen your marriage at the same time! read more »