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Here’s the beginning of our new column by Leslie – Woman On A Mountaintop.

All of this writing is coming from her correspondence with Rori Raye – and that’s how we found her. Rori thought, and we believe Leslie to be such an amazing writer, with such a compelling, funny, amazingly exotic and yet familiar personal story we can all relate to – that we wanted you to be able to read her words.

This is a sort of “bio” for her – taken from her answers to a teleclass of Rori’s she’d signed up for:

Important People In My Life:

Tim- Tim was the worst boyfriend I ever had. That was in the 80’s when he had long hair and embodied the bad boy. In the subsequent decades, oddly, he evolved into a really good friend. Maybe it’s because he’s bald now. Maybe the “bad boy” was all in the hair.

He’s married and his wife is cool with our still being good friends. He lived in NYC for a while but now lives in Montreal. He always makes time for me if I need him. (For example, he always comes to NYC to take me out for my birthday.)

Oh—and he’s the smartest person I ever met, and used his brain to become the richest. Millions and millions parked off-shore. Which is nice, because if I ever need a kidney, I’m pretty sure he’d wrangle one up for me.

Sherrod- Sherrod is a stand-up comedian in New York. He is on TV a lot, and it’s nice to have a (semi) famous friend. He’s usually completely unreliable and yet, if I really need him—he’s there.

He is a ROCK when I need him. And a willow-the-wisp when I don’t. And he “gets” me. When I first wrote this list of significant people, I left him off because I don’t see him often and mostly we just text. But the document seemed incomplete without him. So here he is.

And last but not least-Joe. He’s this amazing guy, and since I met him, all my standards for men have changed. I don’t know if he’s my soul mate or what. He’s the reason that I found your site and signed up for this class. He matters to me so much, and I feel like he woke me up out of some kind of coma. And I don’t know what the heck to do about him

3. Other important things you want me to know about you:

** My parents had a very happy marriage. They held hands at the breakfast table, and Dad made up silly songs, every day, about how much he loved Mom. He told me that she was the most important person in his life, and as far as he was concerned, he was on the planet to make her happy.

Right up to his dying day, he made her his absolute priority. They loved each other, and they loved their two daughters.
I never, for one single minute of my entire life, have doubted my parents unconditional love. Not for one single minute.

** I recently relocated from NYC to Vermont, where I’ve had a home for 12 years. Although the decision to move was based largely on finances and wanting a less stressful lifestyle, the fact that a certain gentleman, Joe, is also a Vermonter added to the appeal.

That is to say—I wouldn’t have moved ONLY to be closer to him. But being closer to him certainly added to the charm of the decision.

And mostly, I felt like moving back to Vermont must be the right decision, because as soon as I decided that’s what I’d do, things started falling into place. Money started flowing towards me instead of away from me. I lost weight.

And I’m happy, probably happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I wake up every morning and look out my window and think, THANK YOU, God. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, me.

This is my room:

Dr. Stephanie Lindahl- My shrink in NYC. In the movie of my life, Susan Sarandon would play her. She’s a hot ticket. She “gets” me, and she’s been a tremendous advocate and mentor. She gives A LOT to me, more and more as the years have gone on. I think that’s because she recognizes HOW HARD I’ve worked to make my life better. And finally, I’m a person that I trust and really like.

I am very grateful for her guidance and support. And you might find it interesting to know that Dr. Lindahl is encouraging about the situation with this guy you’re going to hear a lot about, Joe. I think she senses that he really does SEE me for who I am. Or at least she understands why I love him and why the situation with him is important to me.

**I’m a Christian, more in the Course In Miracles sense than a Bible pounding, dogmatic sense. I worked the Course for about 5 months, 20 years ago. Stuff started happening that kind of freaked me out. Although I haven’t worked it day by day since then, it’s lived on my nightstand on and off ever since.

** Last summer (June, 2010), I was absolutely broke. In desperation, I asked Jesus for money to pay my mortgage. Within the hour, I got a call that led to my earning $4000 (a real estate deal) that I was paid two days later, in time to pay the mortgage before the end of the month.

**A few days later, en route between NYC and Vermont, I had a long conversation with God.

I told him that I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I’d been looking for a job in NYC for six months and kept almost getting great jobs. I felt dejected and lost. So I said to God, “I don’t know what You want me to be doing. Is the reason I’m not finding a job because You don’t want me to live in the city any more? Okay—I surrender. You take the wheel.

Show me what You want me to do, where You want me to go. Lead me to the life You want for me.”

Then I got to Vermont, and discovered that the phone in my house didn’t work. The repair guy that showed up was Joe…

Next Post – About Joe…



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