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And these guys I’ve been meeting Circular Dating just make Joe look so good by comparison.

The other day I went on a first date for lunch with a guy. He went in for an open-mouthed kiss without any non-verbal cue or request for access.

He just dove right in there, and I was gob-smacked. (Literally!)

I said, “Slow down, Dale!” in as playful a way as I could muster, but I was thinking, “You jackass. What gives you the right to think you can slime me without any sort of signal from me?”

I know I should have shot a feelings message at him. Didn’t think of it at the time, and it probably would have been, “Wow-I’m feeling really angry. I feel kinda intruded upon when people kiss me without kind of taking a temperature reading beforehand.” And I guess I have to work on expressing anger. I seem to be fine with expressing vulnerability. But anger? Not so much.

Question from Rori Raye: What do you most want from my help, from any coaching we do together, and from the class in general – in other words – if I had a magic wand, what could I do for you by the end of 6 weeks?

Oh, Rori. Reading your question above made my eyes well up with tears.

If you had a magic wand, at the end of the six weeks, Joe would be begging me for a commitment.

He knows I’m dating other people and he doesn’t much like it. Last Friday night (today’s Tuesday), I saw him driving down Main Street looking at his phone. His energy was really intensely focused on it. When I got home, I discovered that it was me he’d been trying to call. (The ttown clock said 6:41 when I saw him, and *69 said he called at 6:41.) He probably called me at the house and then my cell, but the battery had died. I’d had a date that fell through, so I’d gone to a wine tasting at a local restaurant.

So like you advise, I was out having a good time, not thinking about him. And it sure seemed like he felt that! The look on his face was – perplexed. Usually, I make sure my cell battery is fully charged, just in case he wants to find me. That day, I’d forgotten to charge it.

And also when I’d driven into town, I drove right past him without seeing him. He was on the side of the road wearing a “high visibility” florescent yellow suit, and I didn’t see him. I got the feeling that his heart had lept in his throat when that happens, because he’d texted me the day before and it had been a full 24 hours without my answering him. (I wasn’t playing games.

We’d had a weird conversation the day before, and I was trying to wrap my brain around it.)

Anyway…At the end of the six weeks I’d like to have inspired him to step up and claim me. AND/OR I’d like to be pulling in a better level of guys in Circular Dating. I’ve been getting nice, solid guys who have nice, solid lives.

But I have to feel like a guy is extraordinary to be really attracted to him. That’s not necessarily a model, not necessarily a millionaire, not necessarily anything. But he has to have a passion, and he has to secure in his own skin, and I have to respect him in order to want to kiss him. (Unless he’s a boy toy. Don’t need to respect them or think they’re extraordinary.)

Now, don’t get me wrong-I like people and I am genuinely interested in their stories. This guy the other day-the stealth kisser— He was a nice enough guy. But there was nothing remarkable about him. If a guy’s not remarkable, he better be at least pretty. Or entertaining. This guy was none of those things. But a nice guy? Sure. Not ugly. If he’d even just looked in my eyes and smiled before zooming in for the kiss, I’d have let him.

Anyway-please Rori-at the end of the six weeks, let this be over. Help me either have some kind of a paradigm shift so I don’t love this man and want him so much. Or let him claim me. Being with him forever would be my first choice. But I don’t want to want something I can’t have.

I still believe I can have him. I still believe that my gut instinct and the way he stirs my soul and makes me want to be a better person must mean something. I don’t think God would wave off my prayer to stop loving Joe this much if He didn’t want me to love him. (Oh…one day when I first got up to Vermont, I was crying in the car and asked God to either let me stop loving Joe or give me a sign that he wants us to be together.

On my way home, there’s one small Mom’n’Pop store, so I stop to pick up milk. Next to the milk, there’s a shelf of free books I’d never seen before. Maybe 20 books, if that. One of them is called “Heaven Sent Husband.” It’s about a Christian girl who much to her own surprise- gets a clear message from God that she’s going to marry a certain guy. And of course in the end she does.

As I closed the book, I said, “Sure, well, it’s just a fiction.” And then I read the back page and the author said, “I’ve written over 122 books, and this is the only one inspired by a true story.” There’s a synchronicity. Or am I deluding myself?

I don’t want to be delusional.

You say “Follow Your Feelings.” And I FEEL like this is the guy for me.

I want to either inspire him to crash his ship against the rocks to be with me. Or move on.

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