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I was just watching an older woman (at least 75) and her husband – in what seemed like an average, common moment in their relationship.

She was enthusiastically pointing at something, wanting to share with her husband. When he ignored her, she turned to follow him, her head down, obviously feeling bad for not being acknowledged. Watching her brought tears to my eyes.

She’s from an era where this is the norm, not the exception. It points to one of the primary reasons women enjoy each other’s company over men.

We all want 3 things: To be loved; to be appreciated; to be seen and accepted for who we are.

That old traditional way that men and women have coupled leaves little room for any of those.

What’s Needed for a Real Relationship

If one is not interested in truly seeing the other, especially if the other is perceived as silly or inconsequential, love cannot exist.

What holds that kind of couple together is companionship, security and simple habit.

Don’t let this happen to you. No man and no relationship is worth allowing your spirit to be diminished in any way.

It’s not easy, but we need to speak up for ourselves, to tell our partner when we are being hurt, rejected or insulted.

You know how it feels when you allow those things to slip by, trying your best to not to feel hurt.

But it does hurt and each time we let it go, we send the message that it’s okay to be treated disrespectfully.

When that happens, we lose respect for ourselves and our partner loses respect for us.

A Relationship Dies Little by Little

Whatever feelings of attraction brought you together dies a little each time we do not stand up for ourselves.

Don’t allow anything less than what you feel you deserve.

It’s up to you to determine what you deserve.

Life is too short and too precious to live that way.

Do everything in your power to reveal your true self so your light can shine bright.

It’s the number one way to honor yourself and God.

That’s true Feminine Grace.

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With Love, Kara

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  1. Elise on April 12, 2012 at 9:45 am

    I love this, and (unfortunately!) I see myself in some of the above actions, and completely agree that a part of the attraction to each other dies each time you do not stand up for yourself.

    My question regards your first ‘bullet’ point: Don’t allow anything less than what you feel you deserve. How? How do you do that in a nice, respectful way, without coming across as condescending, critical, or bratty (or the other “b” word!)? How can you easily stand up for yourself in situations such as this while still maintaining your positive, optimistic demeanor? I think of the elderly lady you began this essay with – what could/should she have done to get her husband to acknowledge her? I struggle with this.

    Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom on these pages – your thoughts are truly inspirational!

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