To Our Women Readers: To help you even more, we felt you should know what MEN are telling each other! Sincerely, Sarah

From Steve: We’ve pulled these articles together to help you in very specific ways to get what you – as as man – want out of love, romance and relationship:

How To Get The Woman You Want – For Tonight Or Forever…

David DeAngelo began the entire PUA movement, and is now talking more and teaching about how to transform yourself as a man – to get more personal authority and power in a more natural way, to get past your insecurities and develop serious confidence:

How To Get A Woman’s Number Within 3 Minutes

Mind Games To Help You Attract Women

3 Things Women Hate About Men

How To Challenge Women To Build Attraction

Dating Mistakes With Women That Screw Up The First Date


David Wygant is a hugely successful and popular men’s dating, sex and relationship coach – his focus is in the “wing man” style of taking men clients to bars and coaching them in real-time to approach women successfully – David knows exactly how to help you get the girl in real-life circumstances:

Create Instant Attraction So She Calls YOU First

Why Dating Women Shouldn’t Feel Like Work

 What To Do About Women Who Lie In Their Online Dating Profiles

 How To Avoid That Bad First Date

The #1 Thing Keeping You From Meeting Women