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This is sort of an introduction to Patty Contenta for you – she’s all about teaching you how to MOVE your body in a way that opens YOU up inside, that will attract and ramp up the power of a great relationship for you…her free videos and newsletters are lovely and very helpful, and the link to get to them is at the end.  From Patty:

“There are moments in our lives where there is such clarity that we are fearless, natural and stand in our truth – and when it comes to our relationship with men, that clarity eludes us.

This is a common theme that I have seen in beautiful, powerful and loving women. The feeling of helplessness where all confidence is lost because of left over residue from past hurts.

That residue sticks to you like glue and keeps you stuck…stuck in fear…stuck in confusion…stuck in pain.

And when you’re stuck, you don’t know what to believe any more about men, about your self-worth or about attracting the kind of relationship you deserve.

The dominant thoughts that run through your mind are:

How do I trust my gut about a man when I’ve made so many wrong choices?
How do I express my feelings without fear he will run away?
How do I communicate my needs & desires with a man without fear they be rejected by him?
How do I keep a man attracted while setting clear boundaries?

Does this sound familiar?

These thoughts clutter your mind and prevent you from getting in touch with your desires and needs. They keep you in a state of worry, disengaged, ridged and confined. You’ve forgotten the meaning of being FREE to be who you are because you don’t trust those thoughts any more.

This confusing state of being is where I was for many years. Feeling not worthy of love and a deep connection with a man. And do you know what transformed me through this period of my life…seeking help!

I was tenacious to find and surround myself with the people that inspired me, reminded me of who I am at my core.

Through regular conversations and guidance, I learned to trust myself again, listen to my feelings and release them in a way that allowed me to feel fearless!

I don’t worry about if a man will come into my life…I trust that many will present themselves and I will choose who is in line with my values…because I’ve become clear with my value.

I’ve cleaned out the closet so to speak…to have freedom to breathe, and see the gifts I have to offer and deserve to have (just writing these words is amazing to me because not long ago they would have felt like a lie).

I can finally say this truth because of my longing and yearning to want more from my life.

It’s a never ending journey that feeds my soul…a journey I know you are on too.

I know you want answers, just as I did, about creating a loving interdependent relationship with a man and with the sensual woman within You.

In order to get there…that place of natural love and appreciation for who you are…it takes willingness to clean that residue.

Let’s do that together…

Sensually yours,

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