You had the fiery passion when you first started, but now, after so many years it seems to have all but disappeared.

The rope that has bound you together is now the worst for wear. And the scary part is it may break at any time.

It is possible to reinforce the bond that has been forged between you by rekindling the passion that has all but gone out between the two of you.

And when I say passion I don’t mean just the the sex part, although it is an important aspect of a long relationship.

No, I am talking about rekindling the physical as well as the mental passion between the  two of you.

SO what can you do?

Rekindle Past Passion

And by that I mean the early years of you being together.

Pull out those old love letters that you used to write one another (and hopefully you kept some of it at least).

Go through them and reminisce about the times when you had fun. Look at your old photos as well.

Refresh your memories about the time when your passion was like fire and could burn through anything.

Rekindle the Communication

Through the years, it’s not surprising for couples to begin to lose touch with one another, even while they live in the same house and home.

This lack of contact can result in misunderstandings or worst.

Talk with your partner. Let them know what you want and expect from them and encourage them to the the same.

By re-opening the dialogue between the two of you, you get to understand what it is both of you want and need from each other.

And a little physical connection won’t hurt either.

In fact it can go a long way. The best part is it doesn’t have to be anything major.

A simple caress every now and then will suffice as a start. Hold each other’s hand, cuddle, or give your partner a passionate kiss when you separate for the day for work and another one when you meet again after work.

Help Passion Along: Go Away…….Together

Get out of your regular schedule. Plan a romantic get-away for two.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive place. A simple picnic in the park can be a special occasion if done right. What is important is you are doing it TOGETHER.

To make it more meaningful why not skip a day of work (but only if you can). It will not only seem like it’s spontaneous but between the two of you will be that extra bond of playing hooky to go out on a date with one another.

And when you are together just enjoy each other’s company. This is the most opportune time to rekindle your past and the communication between the two of you.

And If It Comes Down to Sex

Set a romantic atmosphere. Lighted scented candles, a good dinner, some wine perhaps, a revealing negligee.

There are so many things that can make your physical contact a very intimate and romantic one.

Indulge in foreplay. Flirt with one another. And when you get down to it, do it in a way that maximizes your intimacy with one another.

And by that I mean no 1-2-3 and your done routine. It should be prolonged to get the most out of the satisfaction.


Rekindling the passion may seem difficult and it can be, specially after a long time has past.

But the thing you have to remember is that you remember them. It’s not like you’ve forgotten about being passionate, it’s just that it has taken a back seat because of your obligations.

It is possible to get a life that is full of contentment and bliss. A life with a relationship based on trust and honesty and one that is rock solid and affair proof.

Passion is very much alive. It’s up to you to coax it back to life again.

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