refashionby Lori Ann Robinson

I’m here to talk about some simple, fun and really handy ways to refashion yourself and your look, without buying a thing.  We all have them- treasures buried deep within the closet just waiting to reemerge and be worn again with flair and confidence. I call this the 4 R’s of Wardrobe.

Refashion Step #1: Rejuvenate and Alter

Every closet has a few gems hidden in it. Your potential or one-time gems can become fashion diamonds once again. Oftentimes a few alterations can enhance a plain Jane dress into something special. Try shortening long sleeves to a 3/4 to show off your bracelets. Consider removing dated sleeves altogether for a clean sheath look and then add a cardigan à la Michelle Obama.

Refashion Step #2: Revitalize with Color

Spring 2010 is all about mixing colors and patterns – particularly neutrals with brights. So, dig out those never-say-die neutrals and add a pop of color with accessories.

Refashion Step #3: Recycle the Best Bits

Before you banish your un-wearable clothes to donation heaven, take a look at the buttons and any other interesting trims. Removing them to use on something else is a wonderful way to recycle some great notions. Be sure you don’t ruin these garments, however. Remember one person’s trash…

Consider hosting a “Fashion Swap” party where everyone brings gently or never worn items that would look better on someone else. Have fun with this and help one another refashion and look fab.

Refashion Step #4: Reinvent Footwear

There are two important actions to take for shoes. First, keep an eye on the shoe condition not letting the scuffs get too bad or the back of heels worn down. New heels can be constructed by a good cobbler. As well, they can revamp your shoes with a good polishing or dye job.

Having fun refashioning!

From Sarah: Lori Ann certainly has an eye for style. She is an image and fashion consultant, and award winning TV costume designer and author. At her website, you can find more advice about developing your image, your perspective and  refashion-ing your clothing.

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