Breaking up is fun for … no one – whether you’re doing the breaking or fighting against it. It can be one of the most devastatingly painful events in someone’s life. There’s no getting around the fact that it hurts, especially if you’re the one that didn’t want it to end.

Mutual breakups are rare, and, most likely, your breakup wasn’t one of these.

More likely: you’re lying around crying and moping and trying to figure out how to invent a time machine so that you can go back in time and fix the problems before they blossomed.

Don’t Waste Your Time And Energy On The Past!

Sit up, dry your eyes, wash off your face and get ready to work. You’re going to invest in yourself…

Is this so you can get your ex back?

If you need that as a motivating force, then yes, invest in yourself so that you can entice your ex back into your arms.

(And before you even ask, yes it IS possible to do this even if he’s with someone else.) You can look at her and see what sort of woman he’s left you for.

Take a good long look in the mirror and see what you need to do to make yourself feel new and improved and powerful. Is it a new haircut? A different way of doing your make up? Do you want to get some endorphins going at the gym or on a hike?

A lot of people get a little sloppy once they’ve been in a relationship for a while. It’s like they get comfortable and cut back on the effort to be sexy and attractive for their partner.

But It’s Not Just About Them, It’s About You

You’re probably feeling at your least sexy and empowered right now. And if you’re going to attract attention, the first steps you need to take are the ones that make you feel attractive.

You can start off by walking or riding a bicycle, either real or stationary. Just get in some activity, cause it doesn’t just wake up the muscles, it also wakes up the brain and naturally brightens the mood.

Go out and allow yourself to flirt with other people. Enjoy their attention – practice being friendly and approachable and connecting (even with the check-out cashier at the grocery store). Just enjoy people and shine your light.

Now if, even amongst all these new people, you’re still longing for your ex, you’ll need to find a way to run into him. Maybe this is easy for you because of mutual friends/organizations, maybe it’s difficult.

Whatever the case, please keep yourself from being a stalker. You need to give it some time before you see your ex – enough time for the ex to miss you, and for you to feel powerful again. So, when you see him, don’t turn all your attention his way. Give him a little, so he knows you’re not feeling uncomfortable and then just let yourself relax and feel good about everything you’ve been doing for yourself.

Keep It Present

Feel like a new person, and let your ex be a new person as well. Don’t talk about old times. Talk about now – personal or worldly – you can talk about events, news, friends. Just keep it present.

If this is a relationship that is set to rekindle, it needs air for a spark to catch. So, strut your stuff and then pursue your other dreams and interests. Give it air. After all, pursuit is half the fun, so let the ex try to win YOU back.

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