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Do people really pick the same person over again… Different packaging but Energetically the same… and with the same issues?

Ask Reese and her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe . The energetic compatibility ratings say it all. Friends – 90%, Lovers – 62%

The high Friends rating shows these four people are energetically connected and in the different combinations are the best of friends. A high Friends rating is powerful. It means they have the same communication style and activity level; these two traits can sustain a relationship for a long time. Reese and Ryan were married for seven years.

To calculate the Lovers ratings we added the sexual response of each person. None of the three couples have the same sexual response. This was a big contributor to Reese’s divorce. In the heat of the attraction sex will be fulfilling; but having a different sexual response means they can’t sustain the quality of emotional support needed long-term nor can they satisfy each other physically.

Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal have exactly the same match – Friends – 90%, Lovers 62%

Reese and Abbie have exactly the same four Matchmatrix Lifestyle traits but different personality modifiers. Reese has the Manipulator modifier. She loves the chase but gets bored after her guy yields. Abbie has the Controller modifier. That translates “my way or the highway”. Ryan will clearly experience this difference between these two women.

Ryan’s match with Abbie is Friends – 89%, Lovers 61%.

Reese and Ryan did it again. They both chose the same person with different packaging and they will experience the same issues. This is a common pattern.

You can prevent this in your life by discovering your energetic Lifetyles traits in advance. That’s precisely why MatchMatrix is here.

Sound familiar? Could this be you or someone you know? The MatchMatrix Relationship Report has the answers for the celebrities and for you.

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