breakupby Lisa Steadman

Be honest: after your breakup, have you been plotting revenge fantasies against your ex?

Or, is rebounding on your breakup recovery agenda?

Truthfully, revenge and rebounding are major no-no’s during your recovery. Revenge, while sweet, can have far too many repercussions including landing you in jail, with a restraining order, and/or with a psycho ex reputation that follows you for months to come.

You’re far too fabulous for that!

As for rebounding, as intoxicating as it can initially feel to flirt, kiss, and possibly fall into bed with somebody new, the regret and confusion that follows is detrimental to your recovery.

Don’t do it!

Instead, I’ve got a much healthier and happier “R” for you to follow post breakup.

Today, I want you to rediscover your fabulous factor.

See, after a breakup, it’s all too easy to think your fabulousness left with your ex. But it’s just not true!

Post Breakup Fabulous List

Right here and now, I want you to start a list of all the reasons why you’re fabulous. The list can include silly, serious, and sensational things like:

– I’m fabulous because I make great chocolate chip cookies
– I’m fabulous because I’m an excellent parallel parker
– I’m fabulous because I volunteer my time and mentor kids
– I’m fabulous because I have a beautiful singing voice
– I’m fabulous because I always save 10% of my paycheck

See, there are plenty of reasons why you’re still fabulous without your ex. So go ahead, make that list.

Hopefully in doing so, you’ll forget all about rebounding and revenge, and instead focus on your fab future.

Good luck and happy healing!


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