real menby Christian Carter

There’s something funny that goes on for some women with real men because of their experiences in relationships with THE WRONG MEN.

Lots of women mistakenly believe that men are looking for a “weaker” woman who will make them feel like they are stronger, smarter, more powerful, etc.

Nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to a good man. (the kind of man you can actually have a great relationship with)

Real Men who have their own lives, who aren’t looking to a woman to validate their lives and their significance, DO NOT want a woman who they can “overpower” so that they feel better about themselves.

REAL MEN Want a Woman Who INSPIRES Them

Because she has great things going on her own life!

REAL MEN want a woman who MOTIVATES them because she is thinking and doing great things, and her energy and attitude is contagious.

REAL MEN want a woman who has her own PURPOSE that inspires her and gives her fulfillment and a reason for living and breathing OTHER THAN just being in a relationship.

Here’s the catch…

A lot of women who ARE busy, successful, inspiring, and who have their own purpose seem to all have a common complaint-

That men are INTIMIDATED by them and their success, and that they have their own lives.

This is NOT why men aren’t responding well to them when it comes to more than just a “fling”.

The reality is, Real Men don’t mind if a woman has a great career, or if she makes more money than he does.

What DOES MATTER is that the woman still has SPACE IN HER LIFE for a great relationship, and that she isn’t OVERWHELMED by her work and her career to the detriment of a potential relationship.

Of course, the same goes for a man.

If a man is CONSUMED by his work, feels burnt out all the time, and doesn’t leave space or energy for a woman or a real close and intimate relationship… then he’s not going to do well at keeping a great woman around who knows what she wants and deserves. (A man who’s loving and PRESENT)

Bottom line, it’s HARD to be grounded and PRESENT with your partner when you have 438 million things going on… and you’re feeling stressed.

Is your stress level getting in the way of you simply unwinding and being FULLY PRESENT when you’re with a man?

Or worse…

Are you carrying so much stress and worry and “masculine energy” with you that you’re not even in touch with your own SENSUALITY and SEXUALITY?

What unfortunately happens for a lot of busy energetic and highly functioning women is that they get burned out and STOP simply feeling like the WOMAN that they are.

Real Men Love and Appreciate a Woman Who Has a Great Career and Life of Her Own

And the independence that comes from that makes a woman even MORE DESIRABLE to Real Men.

Whereas a Boy is threatened by a woman doing too much of her own thing.

When a Real Man sees you doing your own thing and focused on your own life, he will WANT YOU EVEN MORE and do things to get your attention and create intimate situations between you.

But if you’ve tuned out from your own sensuality and you’re stressed and anxious because you feel like you have to do so much for yourself… then you often aren’t in that place where a man will feel INSPIRED by you and DRAWN TO YOU on a physical and emotional level.

To find out what the secret is to getting your own life together as a woman, and living in a way that a man will naturally fall for and be DRAWN TO YOU because of from the inside out… I’ve put together an entire program for all this “inner”

There’s a place that’s IN BETWEEN too “needy” and too INDEPENDENT that REAL MEN find irresistible in a woman.

Funny thing, this place also happens to be the state of mind where you as a woman are at your happiest and most fulfilled inside.

Do you find yourself either:

1) Acting a little too “needy” to where you can tell it rubs a man the wrong way?


2) Acting a bit too “fiercely independent” to where you don’t even want to let a man in or RECEIVE what he wants to give you?

If so, then it’s going to be tough for a man to both feel deeply CONNECTED to you, and for him to feel intensely ATTRACTED to you.

Go out there, be the confident, successful and sensual woman you are, and you’ll find the real men.

From Sarah: Christian’s got a great, insider perspective on the guy’s experience.  And he knows how to communicate his knowledge with we women who need it.  You can visit his page to find out more about attracting REAL MEN into your life.

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