mr rightby Lisa Steadman

Have you tried getting back out on the dating scene, only to discover you’re stuck in some breakup recovery pitfalls?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Along the journey from Boohoo! to Woohoo!, we all get stuck sometimes.

Whether you’re currently obsessing about your ex, dealing with disappointments of what will never be, or suffering from low self-esteem because of yet another relationship or will failure, stop right there.

Take a deep breath.

Cut yourself some slack.

Reboot your brain.

First of all, it’s perfectly normal to miss your ex. It’s also common to feel disappointed about what could have been but now will never be. And it’s only natural to feel blue after a breakup.

But you’re not a relationship failure. Your love life has been karmically eventful and that’s okay!

Once you’re free of your limiting relationship beliefs, it’s time to get back on the dating scene.

The following 4 tips will increase your chances of success:

1. Debunk the scarcity myth

In the past, have you uttered the phrase “there are no good ones left” or felt like you may have to settle for less than you deserve because all the good ones are taken? If so, you need to debunk the scarcity myth by showing yourself just how many men (or women) there are in your everyday life.

2. Use online dating as practice

There are millions of single people dating online every day.

Whether you like the idea of online dating or not, it’s an excellent way to get a lot of practice dates into your life.

3. Put yourself in target rich environments regularly

If you want to increase your chances of meeting someone with similar interests, then you’ve got to put yourself intarget rich environments at least once a week. What’s a target rich environment? A location where like-minded people congregate in large numbers.

4. Enlist the help of friends

If you have fellow single friends, then support one another in your dating pursuits by hanging out in target rich environments at least once a week. If your friends are married, let them know you’re interested in getting back out on the dating scene.

Here’s to your success!


From Sarah: Lisa Steadman is amazing. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her and having tea with her, and she’s just so real…and her story is so amazing. I know you’ll want to get her free newsletters and find out more about her coaching…especially if you’re suffering a broken heart right now. Just follow the link to find out more about finding your Mr. Right—>>>

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