single mom

by Allana Pratt

I have officially figured out why all this bad stuff has been happening for the past 3 days.

I have been asking this question, like a meditative waking prayer, “What will it take to allow total liquid luscious EASE in my life?”

In reply, the Universe gave me these up/down experiences:

My son and I drove to Vegas, while meeting the rest of Los Angeles on the 210 freeway, bumper to bumper for over an hour with my son melting down afraid we’ll miss the show. Finally traffic started moving and we joyously rocked out to the Grammy CD 2011 and made it to our hotel. We danced into our sexy hotel room with huge king size bed and bathroom the size of my home’s bedroom.

Then, the tickets for Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil are messed up, nowhere to be found, and my son is melting down afraid we won’t see show. Thankfully all works out, Immortal was AMAZING, delicious, and moving. I loved the beauty, art, and expression I got to shared with my son.

…feeling the pattern?

My son went to bed late, morning room service wouldn’t answer and when they finally did they were out of bagels. (My son melted down as I drug him through smoky casino to Starbucks.)Thankfully, I found the one and only outdoor pool and got to listen to rockin’ tunes and view the fabulous decor. Gabe played catch in the 82 degree pool for 2 hrs with two boys from Cleveland (Their mom sat in hot tub with some lovely, hot, young men from Toronto.)

…ready for another wave?

When I arrived home, I got to hear that flowers were wilting at my business post office for 5 days. As I drove there, a young boy on an electric scooter decided not to stop at the stop sign. He zoomed out in front of me, making me slam on my brakes, and he just walked away. I sat there incredulous and dumbfounded thinking, “Geesh, if I wasn’t TOTALLY 100% PRESENT AND ALERT he’d be dead, Dead!” Needless to say it scared the crap out of me. He just walked away. Anyways, the flowers didn’t die, they were glorious. The poetic card seated inside them was even more moving. My son then asked if I needed a hug and held me sobbing happy/sad tears in the parking lot.

So what’s the Universe up to with me?

It feels like I was being kneaded like stiff dough, being massaged like a knot in my shoulder, irritated then blown open, stretched in every emotional, intellectual and spiritual direction.

And I had asked about EASE… liquid luscious EASE in my life.

What I see are invitations to not lose it when there are challenges. Invitations to open fully and receive the glory of life moment to moment. Invitations to stop thinking I have it all figured out. Invitations to stop trying to be so in control, to stop expecting outcomes.

Just like week 3’s powerful Interview with Susan Velasquez in my RADIANCE DVD/CD. Be willing to be a YES to what comes and ride the wave, go with the flow, step up, step aside. Susan says it like this, “Sometimes life invites you to open your mind, soften your heart, deepen your awareness or strengthen your resolve.”

I felt like I was in the clothes dryer being churned around with no warning, needing to find my center internally. It was almost surreal how I couldn’t keep it together externally if I tried.

All the feminine practices, the consistency found in my RADIANCE DVD & CD Set, the curriculum that takes us through opening, deepening, softening and strengthening, all of the proven wisdom I share with you in my 6 weeks paid off for me and showed me:

• EASE isn’t a destination.
• EASE isn’t a goal.
• EASE isn’t an outcome.
• EASE isn’t something I achieve.

EASE is a way of being and engaging with life. A knowing in my body that I can stay calm come what may. It’s a way of drinking in music, sunshine, warmth, and sensual moments. It’s a way of loving myself no matter what happens and finding I’m more amazing than I thought I was. It’s standing strong and tall, with great humility and RADIANCE that I am a woman.

I’m on fire, vibrantly alive in service to YOU. Masterfully coaching and shining a spotlight on your blind spots, dissolving all that’s in the way of you living YOUR dream.

This may sound weird, but I feel so huge, alive, and ready to serve you to tip into the next dimension of your RADIANCE. I swear I can already feel those of you who are signing up as if you are already in my heart, our time to connect is upon us.

I’m ready, glorious sister. Let’s begin.

Deliciously yours,


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