by Andrea Albright

This belly fat tip is really quick and a little weird. … Notice how you’re sitting or standing right now. Are the tops of your shoulders “hunched forward”? Are your shoulder blades sticking out your upper back?

Take a moment to look down at your shoulders if you can. And ask yourself these questions…

If you answered “Yes” then you are causing your body to store fat. The “slouchy shoulders” posture is preventing you from losing weight and making you store belly fat.

How Your “Bad Posture” Gives You Belly Fat

I’m sure you’ve heard it all heard it before…

“Don’t slouch. It’s bad posture.” I don’t like to use the word “bad” about anything referring to the body… But that is really what we grow up thinking about it because that is what we were TOLD by our mothers and grandmothers, and they were told by their mothers and grandmothers, etc.

Let’s reframe or re-name this phrase. From now on, let’s call it “Hard Posture”. It’s “Hard” because it zaps your energy by cutting off your breath and blood circulation to your heart, lungs, and internal organs. It stops your digestion because your upper rib cage is collapsing onto your stomach, intestines, and all the glands and organs that are located in your abdominal cavity.

When you lift the upper back off of your internal organs, your organs can do what they need to do and get MORE ENERGY from your food. This is the KEY to improving your digestion and losing belly fat.

Here Are The 3 Steps For This Weird Belly Fat Tip:

1. –> Roll the tops of your shoulders back

2. –> Engage the upper back muscles to hold your shoulder blades into the back

3. –> Allow the shoulder blades to move down the back

Do you see the difference? This lengthens your spine. Lifts your upper ribs off of your internal organs. Speeds up your digestion and shrinks your fat cells all over especially in the belly fat.

You can breathe deeper too! This gives you more energy, happiness, and positive thoughts. It’s true! When you’re hunched forward and looking down, your view of the world is limited, and your breath and life force is cut off. When you engage your shoulders, it opens your heart and allows you to see all the beauty and love that is surrounding you.

Ghandi says, “Move through life with an open heart, and your heart will be broken. Do it anyway.” When you close off your heart, you stop yourself from giving or receiving love. This forces you to turn to food for comfort, security, and feelings of love. But they are all illusions of the truth. They are not the real thing.

Real health and happiness comes from your body being open and healthy. When your posture is aligned, your digestion is pulsing, your metabolism is roaring, and your heart is open to give and receive all the infinite love of the universe. This is what gives you a – flat belly – a happy attitude – energy to live your DREAMS You deserve it.

Here’s to standing straight!

Your Friend, love and light,


P.S. I know it may sound crazy or weird, but this is really how the body works. When you’re “hunched over” in your shoulders, then everything in your body gets stuck. When your body is stuck, your mind and heart are stuck, and you’re “cut off” from the flow of life. It’s all connected. Yes, you will shrink belly fat and have more energy, but that’s only the beginning… You will be more connected to the TRUTH of who you are, and the magnificent, radiant, AMAZING body you have right now.

From Sarah: Andrea’s an amazing coach with her own amazing story of how she transformed her body into the one she has now – a strong body that keeps her healthy and happy.  She’s  focused her life on helping others achieve the same goal.  Check her out if you’re struggling with belly fat or any other body issues->

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  1. lk on September 29, 2011 at 8:47 am

    Thanks — I can’t believe I clicked on this article with such a silly title…But this is the great advice everyone knows, but finds it so easy to forget!

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