long distance relationshipA long distance relationship can “suck.” It sucks because you can’t touch your man. You can’t look in his eyes. You can’t smell him. You can’t kiss him. E-mails and texts and phone and even Skype just don’t do the job.

So how do you keep a long distance relationship together? (And the truth is, with online dating now being the most amazing way to meet the man of your dreams — long distance relationships are sometimes the complication you have to overcome to get what you want in love.)

The whole experience of a long distance relationship can be intensified in a GOOD way if you can ramp up the quality of the communication. If you can deepen the emotions. If you can get away from chatty, business-like, friendly conversation and into more soulful, connected moments — you can create intimacy even long-distance!

Here’s A Tip To Help Your Long Distance Relationship:

Instead of chatting about your day to your man, start opening up and sharing how you felt about what happened during your day.

The only thing to avoid sharing is anything that sounds like or looks like “complaining.” With a long distance relationship there’s so much to complain about — it’s really easy to fall into blocking that feeling of how painful the distance can be, and just going with the superficial, day-to-day stuff. And you don’t want to do that.

If you stick with the superficial, your relationship will stay superficial, and won’t survive the distance. What you need to do is get as deeply, authentically INTO each other as possible — and YOU have to go first!

And yet, you don’t want to complain. So try this: Share the good stuff! And share it in as deep a way as you can.

Your Long Distance Relationship Conversation Might Look Like This:

“The sunset last night felt awesome. It felt all gold and orange and red, and then, when the sky turned gray, I felt so misty and…it felt like feeling homesick for you. So it feels so good to hear your voice now.”

It might look like this:

“Work felt overwhelming today — there was so much paper and so many phone calls and now that it’s all done I felt so relaxed and so wonderful — like I accomplished something. It feels good to be home now without my shoes and feeling the soft couch under me and hearing your voice…”

This may seem silly to you — but it’s really the way to jump-start and keep building on the emotional connection you have with your man — no matter how far away from him you are logistically.

We found these adorable people — Michelle and Frank — who’ve been in a strong, deeply connected and FUN long distance relationship for a long time. If you’re in a long distance relationship, too, you’ll want to check it out — it’s truly exceptional, and It’s like the missing piece for you — a, new, fun, creative way to get your man involved in your relationship and get more deeply connected to you than you can imagine — despite the distance.

This relationship workbook actually helps you USE the physical distance between you to allow him to OPEN UP to you more, and get more intimate with you in an emotional way. We’d really like you to take a look at The Long Distance Relationship Workbook right here->

We know of many, many couples who are wonderfully married now after successfully negotiating a long-distance relationship. There are tricks to it, and you have to be creative — and you CAN be creative with great results! Let us know how this terrific long distance relationship workbook helps you.

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  1. sharon on January 4, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Do you have any suggestions for newly married couples whos seperated and are in different countries. And husband stopped communication……

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