detoxby Andrea Albright

This detox one’s going to be quick…

As you’re relaxing or moving about this weekend, remember that your body is always working for you and your body’s healing abilities are always turned ON.

That means that every moment brings a new opportunity to heal. And healing the body so that the fat cells shrink back to their original size, and your body’s fat-storing cycle is turned OFF…

That what “losing weight” is really all about, right?

The Detox: Healing Your Body From The Inside-Out

The more “help” you give your body to perform these miraculous and AMAZING healing abilities, the deeper and more powerful the healing. And yes, the faster you will lose weight.

One of the most powerful healing abilities your body has is the ability to DETOX.

Detox is simply your body’s ability to release waste products from your systems. This is very important because if you’ve ever seen what happens to a clogged up drain or toilet, you know that when waste products get “stuck”… very bad things happen.

Well, this will also happen inside of your body unless your body can DETOX completely and get all that waste out.

One of the best ways that your body can detox is with the breath.

Every time you ~exhale~ you are releasing waste products, and making space. Every time that you ~inhale~ you are filling that space up with new love and light from the universe.

I call it “love and light” because it’s more than just fresh, pure oxygen that your cells need to be HEALTHY…

There’s something *magical* that happens in this continuous cycle of ~breathing in~ and ~breathing out~.

Quick Detox Tip:

Be conscious of your breath this weekend.

And with every ~exhale~ visualize yourself releasing and detoxing, cleansing your body and mind of any waste or negativity.

This is conscious healing. And yes, your body is doing it all the time whether you are aware of it or not…

But when you actively participate, the healing goes to a much deeper place.

You don’t need anything “fancy”, or expensive, or complex. Just you. Your body. Your breath. Your conscious participation in this detox.

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