prosperityby Lorrie Kazan

I want to share what I learned on psychic thought from former psychotherapist and respected lecturer Marie Lise Labonte, who became a trance channel one day as if struck by lightening. In Paris several years ago, Guy Corneau, a presenter at the Jung in Ireland conference, took me to meet Marie Lise because he thought she could help me balance my highly sensitive energy by sharing her story and her own techniques.

As I handed Marie Lise the champagne I’d brought, I noticed her serene face was framed by soft brown curls. In fact, she looks a bit like a young Emma Thompson.

Her house boat was enchanting. It was like being inside a beautiful candle lit shoe, cozy and also conscious. Conscious because the air was not filled with old, unwanted thoughts. It felt clean and calm.

If not for the rocking sensation of the river, I might have easily relaxed. Fortunately I had something with me for motion sickness which I quickly swallowed, while simultaneously praying for the grace to be present.

Seated on the white couch, I glanced out the windows as the search lights from the Bateaux Mouche illuminated the water.

Marie Lise slid into a chair to my right, while Guy, who seems to emanate a kind of artistic elegance, sat on the corner of the couch to my left.

Marie’s Psychic Thought

How Marie Lise transformed from proper therapist to angelic trance channel? She was unexpectedly “struck by grace” one night as she was lecturing doctors and nurses about healing.

“I felt an energy enter my crown chakra with such a force that I almost lost consciousness. What scared me was that this energy was trying to communicate something to the doctors which was altogether different from what my brain was trying to communicate.”

She managed to regain her composure for the evening but her life was never the same.

“Immediately afterwards, I felt inhabited by an energy which was coming from higher planes.”

She struggled with this phenomenon for over two years. “I discovered that I had become the channel for an angelic energy of healing, The Angels Xedah.”

Still loathe to risk her reputation as a prominent therapist and respected author, another year passed. Ultimately through the power of synchronicity and perhaps the angels’ tenacity, she relented.

What I Learned about Psychic Thought

She explained that psychics have an extra tube that goes through the crown chakra. When the psychic is not working, he or she needs to shrink the tube so it does not continue to channel random information.

She suggested that energy workers have to guard against a need to inflate our egos by being constantly on. By shrinking that tube, the channeler, in a sense, becomes like everyone else.

Which can be disappointing if one is expected — either by one’s self or others — to be a constant source of information.

She was very clear about shrinking that channeling tube when not working in order to stop the constant processing of information that can keep one from having a private life.

Like Edgar Cayce, Marie Lise does not work work alone. As a trance channel, her personality leaves when she transmits information so she has the added protection of surrounding herself with trusted assistants. This can help carry some of that energy.

No matter how intuitive and sensitive we are, we can never know everything, nor are we meant to. Divination is about helping people know God (or the gods). An incredibly powerful and wonderful process to share; it’s something that comes through us, not something static that we own.

Supporting you in creating a life that fulfills your greatest dreams.

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