lorriekazanby Lorrie Kazan

Here Is This Week’s Prosperity Meditation:

The past has flown away and I am weightless. Well beyond content, my open heart breathes abundance and receives all the wonders it needs.

Good fortune deluges me, expands my bank accounts, falls from trees. I have more gifts than I could ever need, so I share and share and share for free and more and more happiness welcomes me. Easy, effortless, and lots of fun.

Quotes for the Week

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”
– John Maxwell

“Be sourced and re-sourced in God, Spirit–the love that moves the sun and all the stars.”
– Jean Houston, A Passion for the Possible

From Sarah: Lorrie is a gifted psychic, focused on helping you live a holistic, fulfilled and satifying life. You can find more advice in her blog, newsletters and articles, all HERE, on her website ->

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