(Remember, the I below is You)

Everything I do, unveils something new. As adventures abound, opportunities are even found in toughest times. Everything I do opens me to something new that expands the good of who I am. I now let everything I see create more love and acceptance for me.


©Lorrie Kazan
Supporting you in creating a holistic and abundant life that truly honors your soul

Quotes of the Week:
I said to the night :
“If you are in love with the moon,
it is because you never stay for long.”
The night turned to me and said,
“It is not my fault. I never see the Sun,
how can I know that love is endless?”

“If we can shatter our ideas about how money has the power to be our salvation, often we will find wealth in places and forms that we would never have imagined, even hidden in what seems most familiar to us.” Ted Crawford, The Secret of Money

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