prosperityby Lorrie Kazan

I am blessed, beyond all levels of consciousness. The infinite force inside each flower and tree is the same breath that stirs within me.

I cherish the land beneath my feet, and treat each moment as aspects of divinity. All that I need comes to me perfectly timed and completely aligned to my highest destiny.


Quotes of the Week:

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands” ~Richard Bach

“Getting lost in life and experiencing problems is really just an opportunity to find your soul life. Examining your problems with a Symbolic attitude leads the path to transformation and wholeness.”
~Dr. Ashok Bedi (lJung In Ireland Conference)

From Sarah: I always find Lorrie’s words and choice of quotations inspiring. They’re brief, but the feelings and meaning, when you really concentrate and soak them in, are long lasting. You can check out more about Lorrie, and sign up for her lovely free emails on her website–>

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