prosperityby Lorrie Kazan

The sun through the clouds lights a bridge on the sea, mirrors of gold dazzling and free, holding a promise as if to say, you who have come so far, weary traveler, pause to dream.

You who have left your mother’s womb, find your true source in me.

Lay down your armor, let go your sword, as night touches day so your dreams will soar forth.

Supporting you in creating an abundant life that truly honors your soul

Quotes of the Week:

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~Carl Sagan

From Sarah: I always find Lorrie’s words and choice of quotations inspiring. They’re brief, but the feelings and meaning, when you really concentrate and soak them in, are long lasting. You can check out more about Lorrie, and sign up for her lovely free emails on her website –>>>

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