romanceHey, it’s Mike Fiore…

With the Holidays coming up and many people spending time with extended family, this is a great time to look again at what I call “Private Whispers” texts for heightening romance.

“Private Whispers” are texts you use when you and your man or woman are in the same room, but can’t talk or flirt openly.

So, while you’re all in the house prepping dinner or sitting around the table, you send a message that says…

“Stop it. =-)”

When they get the text, they’ll look at you from across the room.

Give them a little smile.

They’ll text back:

“Stop what?”

And you follow it up with…

“Teasing me. =-)”

And then slowly raise the heat so by the time you finally DO have a few minutes together you’re both feeling incredibly “romantic” and ready to go.

Even if it’s days before you get time alone, the built-up tension practically guarantees serious “fireworks”.



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