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Here is the latest psychic thought:

If you feel lost right now, you’re not alone. It’s out of feeling lost that we stand the chance to invent ourselves as more intrinsically whole.

I last wrote about the intense world situation and viewed it through the lens of our current astrological pattern of Pluto in Capricorn.

However, if you’re a scanner, and no way you’re going to click on a link, let me quickly remind you: We’re in for a bumpy ride, some say for another 13 years, presuming we survive 2012, which I believe we will.

Pluto is the god of the underworld and Capricorn rules bones and structure. When the underworld rises up, we experience chaos. We also have hidden truth being revealed.

>From Wiki Leaks to the unveiling of prominent cheating spouses, what’s been hidden is now revealed. This happens not only on the world stage but also in each of our own lives.

What secrets are you keeping? What secrets do we keep from ourselves? Are they better left buried or exposed? We have a prime opportunity to uncover, discover, and ultimately, discard what’s no longer relevant for our growth.

Six Psychic Suggestions to Finish Better than You Started

1. Who were you meant to be?

Maybe that’s only another way of asking: What does the soul want?

You don’t know?

Keep asking, i.e., live with the question. Ask before you go to sleep, ask in meditation.

Ask: What does the deepest part of me desire?

It may not be an iphone or other equipment, but if it is, then ask, Why? What does the soul want? Greater communication, perhaps?

Over 60 years ago, Edgar Cayce, a psychic who is one of the most documented psychics in history, predicted our current earth crises. But he said we possessed the power to change those circumstances by the nature of our being.

He stressed balance, godliness, patience, long suffering. He used the image of Jesus as a guiding older brother.

For Cayce, Christ Consciousness (which you could also call Buddha, Kwan Yin, or messianic consciousness) was the pattern that we were to follow in relating to ourselves, and each other. Our task is to bring that divine light to earth and live from a higher plane. Is this what your soul wants?

2. Set an ideal and measure yourself against it.

This is another Cayce idea. Every year, pick an ideal like love, or kindness, for instance, and measure your behavior against that standard. If you’re in self-criticism, are you in love?

3. Become conscious of your own actions.

Even to the simplest degree. Ex: Do I use toxic weed killer on the garden when vinegar would do the job, but might take longer or require more thought? Be aware of and take responsibility for choices.

4. Live with powerful questions

…such as “Is my intended action ethical?” “Does it increase my self respect or give me something to hide?”

The ancient Talmudic code of law insists that if we have to keep an action secret, it’s probably an action we should question. Yes, sometimes we keep our good deeds secret because of humility, and that’s a different conversation.

5. Befriend Not Knowing –

“No sense clinging to the rocks that are falling with you,” Alan Watts once astutely observed. We cannot grow without twists and turns that take us out of our already always knowing and into the possibility of seeing with new eyes.

As the old ways break apart, some will try to cling more strongly to the pieces; others will look under what’s shattered to discover what’s revealed.

6. What does the soul of the earth want?

If you were the earth, (and I believe you and I are), what would you want? Strip mining, plumbing the ocean in search of cheap fuel? Ask and see what answers the earth speaks through you.

Pluto in Capricorn forbids us to cling to the past by the sheer power of its disruptive force. What we can cling to is what the ancient Chinese oracle, the I-Ching, calls the inner knowing, trust in the change of seasons, trust that we are part of a larger process, willingness to allow ourselves to be guided by taking right action when the greedy voice within would like its needs (often quite noisy and persistent) met now.

But will meeting the yearnings of the moment fulfill what the soul wants? Let’s each ask and we can see what the collective soul is thinking.

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