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Astrology is a centuries-old science filled with traditions, insights and history.

You know how complicated relationships can be – right?

They run the gamut of possible scenarios…

You meet a man and really like him but he doesn’t like you. (The cad!)

Or, you meet a man and you don’t feel anything much for him, but he thinks you’re amazing.

Sadly, sometimes you meet a man you end up wishing you’d never met at all…

Then there’s the men that enter your life who become supportive somehow – helping you get a job or find a place to live.

And, of course, there’s the men you end up helping – giving them advice, encouraging them to achieve their dreams.

Well, funny as it sounds, in astrology, the planets have relationships with each other – and they follow this similar possible
range of outcomes.

They can be great friends, neutrals, enemies, or great enemies to one another.

And, just as human relationships often involve one person feeling a certain way about another without those sentiments being returned (as I described above), the planets do the same thing…

One planet can see another as a friend, while that planet sees the first one as an enemy.

They can be mutually friends, they can be mutually neutral, or they can be mutually enemies.

Or you can play the “shell game” and mix them all up.

Confused yet?

Wondering what the heck I’m talking about?

Well, in astrology this is very helpful because it helps the astrologer understand why some aspects of a person’s life are smooth and positive while some are not. You see, planets that are friendly to one another improve or strengthen the natural qualities of whatever it is they indicate in a chart.

The nature of a planet that is an enemy to another planet, however, weakens that planet’s powers or talents. This gives the weakened planet a lesser capacity to fulfill whatever it’s indicating in the horoscope.

Now before I confuse you further – here’s what I want you to consider…

A HUGE mistake I see women often make in relationships is in thinking that whatever it is they are feeling must be exactly what a man is feeling.

So – what I love about this principle of “planetary relationships” is the reminder that relationships are not always reciprocal.

Just because you are being a friend to a man doesn’t mean he’s being a friend to you.

Maybe he’s just so-so, and is really nothing more than a “neutral” relationship to you.

Or maybe he’s an enemy.

One of the things you fall in love with most when you fall in love, isn’t with the object of your affections – it’s with YOURSELF. You get so swept away with your own capacity to love, and the intensity of your own feelings, that you can forget to stop and ask yourself, “Does this guy strengthen me and support my reason for being alive, or is he dragging me

So – that’s all you have to do to know if a man is your friend, neutral, or enemy…

Is he supporting you in being the best YOU you can be?

Or are you only doing just okay with him around?

Or is he actually weakening you somehow, keeping you from being your greatest self?

Just because you’re being of incredible service and assistance to him doesn’t mean he’s being that for you.

So, go sit on the Moon in your mind’s eye (the only celestial body with no planetary enemies in astrology, by the way) and see how things look from there.

And commit to only having significant relationships of all kinds that are mutually beneficial.

My favorite thing about astrology, is that no two people and no two relationships are the same, and the stars can tell you why.

Just as I think I’ve made clear, every relationship is really two relationships – the one going on from your perspective, and the one going on from his.

And may God and his planets and stars shower
you with love!

Carol Allen

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