sparklywomanby Lori Ann Robinson

Put together, self aware, confident!
Starting with the basics… Personal style is wearing what looks best on us-the right style for our figure, flattering colors for our skin tone, the appropriate design for the occasion.

Professional, actor, rock star, nurse!
Either consciously or unconsciously, we project a message about who we are. So why not pay attention and control your message. That way your visual message is consistent with your goals. This is critical because people make decisions about us in a blink of an eye. If you want the world to know you’re a professional, but look like you’re going to the beach, it’s going to be hard for you to establish any credibility.

Serious, spunky, sporty, even depressed!
Your personal style is evident in everything you do – from the way you dress to the items that you own. A Chanel jacket, or a brand new sports car … all of these choices represent your individual sense of what is beautiful and tasteful. And can’t we all pick out someone who’s wearing their depression on the outside?

So how can you confidently express your style?
Personal style is not all about fancy designer labels, the latest celebrity trend or must-have accessories; it is simply about having the confidence and self-awareness to choose what’s right for you.


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